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Thank you for viewing our extensive list of customer testimonials.  The testimonials listed below are from 2009 to 2015.  From 2015 onwards all the product testimonials are shown on the individual product page.

As operators of a small fleet of coaches we are always mindful of different ways of trying to reduce our fleet operating costs whether it be our fuel bills or general maintenance costs. We started using Xado when one of our Volvo diesel engines seemed to be under performing. There was nothing we could put our finger on despite a good maintenance check. After a search on the web we came across Xado and decided to use their 1 Stage Maximum for Diesel Trucks, their top of the range metal conditioner. Well it was not long before things started to improve, the engine seemed smoother and fuel consumption certainly was better.ъ Needless to say we have now used this product in all our large coaches and the smaller version in our Mini buses. A nice product which we will use again. - by European Excursions Ltd on 1/5/15

What an amazing product. Thank you. I started using Xado EX120 Engine Revitalizant for my Audi Quattro after a recommendation from a friend. I have now used their manual gearbox product as well as their Xado EX120 Engine Revitalizant. Hiighly recommended. - by Bill V on 1/10/2015

XADO is not a name I will forget. I am up and running again after adding 3 tubes of Xado Petrol Engine Revitalizant blister packs. I have an old Volvo 740 Estate. The engine had become tired and need of an overhaul. Rather than spending large amounts of cash I decided to purhcase some engine additives. I wish I hadn’t as everyone I tried made no effect, HOWEVER Xado did the trick. I was amazed as the old girl is pulling better with the fuel consumption down by approx 1.7 mpg. I am converted and will at some time use other of their product. I say to you all give this a go!. - by Tony Bilston 2/2/2015

Come on everyone this is a MUST. Try their Xado Maximum Metal Conditioner for SUV & 4x4.. This sorted my high milage Jeep Cherokee, she was becoming noisy and using oil. I noticed thier name on one of their Mazda MX5's at the Donnington Mechanex Ehibition last year. I took a brochure but gave it not much further thought. Now wish I tried it earlier. Well done Xado. - by Harry Todd on 2/25/2015

Xado Highway Metal Conditioner, though not the top of the range metal conditioner is still amazing stuff!! We used it on one of our delivery vans. - by Signs Direct Ltd on 1/7/2014

Thank you. Xado EX120 Engine Revitalizant is highly recommended. I have tried other engine products but Xado is the best!! I was experincing noisy tappets which have really quietened down. 2,000 k later and still going strong. - by Victor on 2/16/2014

I have used the Xado engine as well as the automatic transmission treatment. Described as 1 Stage Revitalizant for the engine and EX120 Revitalizant for the automatic gearbox. I added them to my 2001 Honda CRV, which now has 157,000 miles on the clock, as exhaust emissions were starting to rise. Xado was a recommendation from a friend. I have had good results, so far so good. The engine definitley is smoother and responsive. The results were more were more pronounce after adding the product to my gearbox. Overall I am very pleased. Well worth the price. - by Tony Blackman 3/16/2014

This is a product I have never heard of, but their logo was emblazoned all over a Mazda MX5 at the MX5 Supercup at Silverstone last weekend. The name XADO certainly caught my eye and the fact the Xado car won made me look it up upon my return home. Not knowing what to try I called Xado UK who suggested the Xado Maximum Metal Conditioner and the AtomEx Petrol Multi Cleaner. My wife's car is a Range Rover Coupe Evoque 2.2 with quite a few miles on the clock. Xado UK were very helpful. The technology sounded convincing so I ordered both items, which arrived the next day. 3 weeks after adding the products I am extremely impressed. No wonder the guy in the Xado MX5 won. This product certainly packs a punch. - by Jim C on 4/7/2014

I have used Xado for many years now and can only speak highly of this product. The staff are always helpful and the priducts always arrived promptly and well packed. I have no hesitation in offering a recommendation to friends and collegues. - by Adrian Pope on 4/21/2014

Brilliant stuff. I will certianlyuse this again. Thank you Xado for saving me an expensive engine overhaul. I used Xado 1 Stage Advanced Revitalizant. - by David Winston 6/19/2014

I have tried many other products on the market from STP, ZX, Duralube and Ametech Restore. Nothing seems to work as well as Xado. Fab product! Will certianly use again. - by Phillip on 8/2/2014

Why haven't I discovered this product before. I hardly ever write reviews but Xado deserves every bit of their 5 Star status. I was recommended EX120 Revitalizant for fuel equipment by a collegue who had used it before. I had a persistant fuel problem that was no better despite hours of work by my local Fiat dealer. Of course the dealer recommended a new fuel pump. XADO was a last resort before deciding to spending eye watering £££'s. I ordered the EX120 Revitalizant for fuel equipment which arrived quickly. What a difference, and worth every penny spent. More importantly no eye watering £££'s spent. Thank you XADO and I will definatley spread the word. - by Willaim Tooley on 10/12/2014

I came across Xado via my local VW car club. Several of the members had used various Xado products and each member reporting good results. Always the sceptic I thought I would give it a go. The Xado AtomEx Perol Engine Multi Cleaner arrived swiftly, well packed with easy to understand instructions. Most of Xado products were added to the oil, but this product is added to the fuel tank at refill. I had been experiencing performance issues - low MPG and patchy acceleration. The Xado AtomEx diesel multi cleaner seemed to do the trick. My acceleration dead spots have gone and the engine is definitely running better. Others at our club have been watchign and we are all impressed with the results. This is certainly not another Snake oil!! - by Daryl on 11/12/2013

I just had to write this testimonial because if I could thank anyone at the moment it is Xado!! They have saved my Ford Fiesta from the scrap yard. For some time my engine was sounding rough and despite using several other reputedly well know products (:! my engine was no better. My mechanic was very doubtful any additive was going to help me. Consequently my car failed its MOT leading me to a blind panic!! After a quick search on the web I came across Xado and their Xado 1 Stage Revitalizant!!. I ordered it online in the afternoon with delivery straight to my mechanic who added it to my engine the next morning. We left the car to idle for a few hours and then a few runs up and down the back lane and what a difference!! No smoke, emissions within limits (greater improvement later) Bingo a PASS. One very happy Larry. - by David Winston James 8/18/2013

In my opinion and after trying various other products this product Xado is one of the very few that really does work! I used Xado EX120 Petrol Engine Treatment in both of my cars and with great results. The engines runs much smoother and also found a noticeable reduction in fuel consumption. One vehilce is now 187,000 miles and still going strong. Very pleased and definatley worth it.. - by William Thomas on 6/6/2013

I ordered the Xado Diesel Engine Revitalizant blister packs. Good results, excellant service, well packed and delivered promptly. Will certainly use this product again. - by Paulo on 4/9/2013

My Astra 2.2 had started to use oil. A friend of mine mentioned that he had used the Xado 1 Stage Advanced Engine Revitalizant. After adding the product and running the car for a few days I noticed not only did my car stop burning oil (smoking had stopped) but the engine seed quieter. More than pleased - a 5 Star product and prompt delivery. - by Tony Blackman 3/16/2013

I have used the Xado Diesel Engine Revitalizant Gels before so I know it works. I would recommed Xado to anyone. An excellant product that does what it says on the tin! Many thanks. - by Doug on 1/27/2013

I run a fleet of London Taxi cab and recently bought a bottle of Xado 1 Stage Maximum Metal Conditioner to add to one of our vehicles to test after reading a few of the feed backs on your site. There are many claims for wonder product on the net but your customers seem very pleased with the resutls so I though I would give it a try. Well all I can say is that this stuff is brilliant, it really made a difference to the vehicles engines engine and perfomance. I have already ordered a further four for our other vehicles. Thank you. - by London Car Sales on 1/3/2013

I purchased a bottle of Xado 1 Stage MAXIMUM Metal Conditioner after seeing other reviews. I decided to find out more and research it on the internet. What I read intrigued me so I bought a bottle. I added it to the oil of my Mercedes C-Class Estate which had 102K on the clock . It is now about 300 miles since it was added, and as it takes approx 500 miles to really notice the effects fully, all I can say is that this product has really made a difference....the engine is much smoother and compression is up (noticeably). It is also quieter, so much so that I have bought another bottle to add to my wife's Ford Fiesta. I can't recommend this product more highly. - by Tom on 10/16/2012

I have used Xado Petrol Engine Treatment blister packs on 2 of my vehicles. The first was a 2007 Volvo Estate (120,000), the second was a 2001 Honda Civic (184,000). It made a difference for both cars and I will use it again in the future. Well done Xado a product that works. - by William James 8/18/2012

I have had Xado 1 Stage Engine Revitalizant in my Toyota Avensis for 350 miles and there is a real difference in power and noise. It is a high mileage car with 157,000 miles, the engine seems smoother and has a bit more power and better fule consumption. I added this to my existing oil which just changed. Definitely worth the price. - by Nick on 8/6/2012

I wanted to provide feed back as I am very pleased :) with the results I achieved after adding 3 tubes of Xado Diesel Engine Revitalizant blister packs. Apart form a smoother ride my fuel consumption has improved by approx 1.5 mpg. I have used other additives and was unsure of the claims made by XADO. I have already recommended it to my family and friends as I am more than satisfied with my results and will at some time be using their gearbox additive. - by Nick on 8/6/2012

After experiencing engine problems with my 1988 Mini Cooper I took it to my local mechanic to try and fix low power issues. After several hours work there was sadly very little improvement. Both the mechanic and I were unsure what the problem was. He mentioned that when he had similar issues (low compression) in another customer's car and they found Xado 1 Stage Engine Revitalizant on the web an it seemed to help. I decided to buy a tube and the results were very pleasing. Compression is now up on all cylinders and the engine purrs like never before. Highly recommended. Thanks Xado UK. - by Anthony Trottman 2/3/2012

I used Xado Revitalizant for Small Engines in my Vespa 1987 Sccoter. See me smile :) this product is great. Friend in my local vespa club have now started using it... - by Jason on 1/19/2012

My Nissan Navara developed an noisy gearbox. I was about to replace the gearbox but deciede to try an additive and I am gald I did. Xado was the firet to appear when searchign the interenet as and the reviews were good I bought a tube of Xado Gearbox revitalizant. It came in a little tube in a green pacakaing. The contents were only 10ml and I was unsure if such a small amount would work. No sooner as I had done 50 miles the improvements started. The gearbox now seems almost new. Saved me £1500!! Got to be worth it! - by Graham Long on 10/20/2011

Added Xado Petrol Engine Treatment to my Saab 9000 2.3t when it had 150,000 miles and the engine was still sweet & using negligible oil at 286,000 miles when the time came to retire the car. Fuel consumption dropped by 5% or more after Xado was added. Amazing stuff!

Added diesel engine treatment to a 100k Land Rover Discovery tdi & saved investigative work. by TheCustomer on 09/15/2011

Xado Metal Conditioner.

Have now used xado for many years now, my previous vehicle had 140,000 miles on the clock and still going strong didn't use a drop of oil between yearly oil changes, just a pity the cancer got to the body (rust). now have a newer diesel now 45,000 miles bought 6 weeks ago and straight away had no hesitation in using 1 stage maximium metal conditioner, and guess what done 700 miles on xado and the motor is running smoother/quieter and the performance has improved. Great product have recommended It to all my friends with no hesitation. by Ken on 09/12/2011

XADO New 1 Stage treatment Chrysler 300c CRD - Mercedes 30 Diesel Engine

Highlight - This treatment makes noticeable improvements even to low mileage high specification well maintained cars.

If you like either a reliable car (lower garage bills) or you are a passionate car enthusiast that likes to drive your car hard this product is for you.

I previously owned a 2005 Chrysler 300c CRD which I was so unbelievably happy with, so much so I upgraded to another low mileage model back in November 2010.

After taking ownership of this later version I was nowhere near as happy with the drive despite this being the SRT CRD all bells and whistles version.

In reflection I now understand my main reason for my disappointment as outlined below. I had previously treated by 2005 300c with both the Gearbox and Engine Revitalizant at 20,000 miles. This was due to the car being highly tuned via an ECLI remap producing around 300 bhp instead of the modest 218 bhp as standard. I felt it would be worth adding these treatments to stop engine, turbo or gearbox issues. I can confirm not only did I not have any component failures by 60,000 miles despite my heavy right foot but it had clearly improved the general drive of the car to a larger degree than I had realized.

Today I have added the new 1 Stage Engine Revitalizant in addition to the Gearbox treatment to my 12,000 mile 58 reg 300c CRD SRT and after only travelling 100 miles today it has turned into a pocket rocket like my pervious 300c and it is so much smoother running. The 300c Mercedes auto Gearbox is pretty slow but the treatment has improved the kick down reaction by at least 40% and the engine torque by as much as 50% due to an increase in compression.

I actually called XADO to ask if my findings today after only 100 miles were possible which they confirmed was feasible.

All I can say is this is a product you cannot afford NOT to add to your car, whether it be due to a current problem or you just want to improve the drivability, reliability of your current car. Remember one key point have always driven my cars exceptionally hard and never kept them longer than 15,000 miles due to problems, my previous 300c did 60,000 miles under these conditions without fault (this product certainly does something positive). by Ian (Email: on 05/17/2011

Xado - Petrol Engine treatment Fantastic product which actually works!! I can't wait to try the New Metal Tuning Conditioner. by Brian on 04/21/2011

Used Xado on 1998 Mercedes C250 TD, the knocking was gone

I bought 1998 Mercedes C250 TD with 141,000 miles on the clock in Aug 2008. The engine was ok but there was too much vibration specially when the car was idle. It was impossible to put foot on clutch pedal due to the vibration/knocking it used to make. I put three Xado gel for diesel in the old oil with the interval of 100 miIes surprise surprise!! after 1500 miles the vibration/knocking was gone and the engine become very smooth. I covered another 45,000 miles and the car never used any oil When sold the car (186000 miles) to a mechanic, he was surprised to see how smooth the engine is.

I used the same Xado gel in my Clio Dci even though the car IS relatively new. The Xado products really does the magic. by Taiha on 04/15/2011

Hi I put your product into a 45 year old BMW motorcycle gearbox. And to me, it has quietened the gear noise and made the selection easier. by Trevor Parrott on 10/31/2010

I have heard XADO from a friend of mine who is a professional mechanic. I was a bit skeptical but finally tried the engine revitalization gel in my Mazda 323 2.0 V6 and the results were amazing. Fuel mileage got better and engine was much more quiet. I recommended It immediately to my family and friends.

As a result: a Smart For Two, which should have been overhauled is still running as a delivery car. My father's Nissan Primera has better fuel consumption and the timing chain rattle can hardly be heard. A Mitsubishi colt CZ1 1.1 which is known for its noisy engine became really friendly too. A Suzuki SX4 became much more frugal than it was before. I already ordered my next gel pack for my current Nissan Almera too. by Artur on 09/27/2010>

V40 1 6 Gasoline: smoke, low power, 11km/lt

After treatment NO SMOKE, high power and responsiveness, 12.5 Km/lt under heavy load. To begin to see result I do 1200 Km on my car. Many Thanks XADO! by Luca (IT) on 08/23/2010

In the process now of a full treatment and added the final tube 3 of Xado gas engine gel a day ago. Vehicle is a 1 985 Toyota 4x4 with 22r-e engine (EFI-EIectronic fuel injection) Vehicle has 472,800 miles on it, wouldn't pass California smog this time around. Four days ago added first tube did a compression check yesterday before 3rd tube. Compared is compression reading taken 2 years ago.

Origin/new engine spec. is 171 psi. 1% is equal to 1.71 psi thus dividing that in any reading I get to derive the state and increase of improvement. #1 cylinder - was 72% - Now is 92% of original compression (20% increase) #2 cylinder - was 64% - Now is 95% of original compression (31% increase #3 cylinder - was 61% - Now is 82% of original compression (21% increase #4 cylinder - was 70% - Now is 88% of original compression (18% increase

The stuff is still working and these numbers will continue to improve because I’ve still got to put 700 more miles on the vehicle to complete the 1000 miles suggested. No question in my mind it works and saves me from spending 2K for a new engine. The pick-up has more power than it ever has since I've owned it. by PDA on 07/22/2010

This product does what it says on the tin i have used on my car now i am now putting into my motorcycle. Car engine quieter and fuel consumption definitely better. by Steve on 12/14/2009

"Good quality products, greatly improved performance' by John Colyer on 12/11/2009


The affect on my engine ('71 VW Beetle) after using Xado oil treatment was immediate and almost unbelievable- the performance was increased the engine ran quieter and the smell from the exhaust improved. by Geoffs on 12/01/2009

A great product and so easy to use The instruction are easy to follow and the results are plane to see. better accelaration reduced fuel consumption and a quieter running engine. I have already advised my nephew to use this in his car. by Simon Lowe on 06/26/2009

I have used the Xado treatments in three cars now, and each time the performance and economy have improved. On a 5year old Honda the results took a little longer to show, but the extra MPG is good. by John on 06/26/2009

xado saved me from a £1500+ rebuild! have an mr2 roadster, and the izzfe engine is known to have premature bore and ring failure some engines). at one point my engine was consuming 1 litre every 100 miies. I ordered three packs added two at once let the car idle for 30 mins and took it for drive. Engine had already seemed better but oil consumption was the same slowly oil consumption got better. Added the third pack after 200miles and now, 700miIes on the car is excellent no longer smokes at high revs and oil consumption is improving all the time, as well as fuel economy. This stuff is excellent and will recommend to everyone. by kieran D on 05/25/2009

I found this product, XADO Gel- Revitalizant for gasoline engines and Revitalizer Automatic Transmission Fluid through a search. The shipping was quick and the material has worked as described. About 700 miles ago my compression was 115/115/115/1 10, in my 1990 VW Vanagon. Now it is up to 130/130/145/140 and have not completed the recommended amount of mileage for maximum improvement. Can't wait to get their revitalizer transmission fluid installed. Thanks XADO! by Dan on 05/05/2009

I'm using Xado gels on my two cars (diesel and petrol) and all I can say is: they are brilliant. I will definitely use this product again and I would recommend for everybody. This technology IS working. Just buy and try. by Peter on 05/01/2009

I used 2 tubes of Gel-Revitalisement in the oil in a peugeot 2.0 petrol engine. The car had done 93 000 miles. For the previous 4 years got 37.2 miles per gallon. After treatment and a further 1000 miles got 40.3 miles per gallon. The car now has 96,000 miles recorded and is maintaining over 40 mpg. The power seems to have improved also. by Edwin Graham on 05/01/2009

I read about your gearbox gel on the internet and after reading some of the comments, I decided to try it. I have a Discovery TDB and the gearbox was quite noisy. The noise sounded like bearing wear/rattle. I purchased 2 tubes of your gearbox gel and installed it with new oil in the gearbox. At first thought nothing was happening but after approx. 500 miles the gearbox is getting quieter and am sure that the more miles do it will improve even more. I thank you for this wonderful product and I would not hesitate In using your products again. by RateP0int Reviewer on 05/01/2009

I have a 10 year old honda civic ferio sedan which is a Japanese import. A few weeks ago I put an Xado engine program into my car as per the instructions. The product works. I get more miles to gallon the engine is quieter and smoother. What more can say but buy the product. by Jim Smith on 05/01/2009

I have been using XADO'S Oil and additive products in my 2001 Audi A6. The XADO products had actually revived my car’s engine and transmission in a way that had exceeded expectations. This probably the best value for you can ever from any motoroil and additive by Aaron Joseph on 03/11/2009

The product i bought i was very pleased with as it did what it said it would do on product which was gel revitalizant for petrol engines. by mark on 03/10/2009

Fantastic service good product. I have been using the diesel treatment for 3 years and I never stops to amaze me. Well done Xado by Simon 03/10/2009

After treatment my diesel engine work’s as new one, smoke gone, easy start in temperatures below zero. Will recommend to friends. by viktorsr on 02/22/2009

I was most impressed with this treatment. it was highly recommended by a family member of mine. by Mr &Mrs Biggs on 01/18/2009