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Revitalizant EX120 for fuel equipment

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Reinforced revitalizant.

The product is designed to protect from wear and to provide restoring repair of all types of fuel equipment of gasoline and diesel engines.

Due to its by 20% greater* active agent’s concentration, it offers strong restoration potential to the worn out surfaces and wear protection.

* compared to XADO gel-revitalizant for fuel equipment. During the treatment of fuel pumps the product forms a metal-ceramic coating on the surfaces of the friction metal parts. As a result, the geometry of all parts is restored.

Revitalizant is universal for all types of fuel systems, including K-KE-L-Jetronic, Common Rail, Pumpe Düse etc.

The dosage depends on the oil system capacity.

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Application instructions:

Treatment of engine fuel equipment with capacity of up to 5 L

  1. Press out the content of the syringe into a fuel tank with minimal fuel content
  2. Fill the tank with 40 L of fuel
  3. Run the car in normal mode
  4. The treatment is considered complete after about 100 hours of the mechanism operation (approx. 1850 miles of run)


Engine capacity, L




Number of syringes (8 ml), pcs




Treatment procedure





It is recommended to clean the engine fuel system before application of the product. Other (non-standard) filtering devices may reduce the revitalization effect.


Syringe, 8 ml XA 10033

  • Restores geometry and protects the friction parts of fuel pumps of all types, jets and pump-injector units against wear
  • Reliably protects from low-quality fuel
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Decreases noise and vibration level
  • Decreases the level of toxic components in the exhaust gases

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  • Product review «Revitalizant EX120 for fuel equipment»:
  • R Watson 5 stars

    Thanks. Great quality product that when it has fully worked through the engine provides some comfort that the injectors/combustion system is performing to maximum capability. I will definitely purchase more items as required in the future. Speedy and securely packaged and posted.

  • Slavishow 5 stars

    I had issue with the lost power.Changed a lot of parts but this product is the first one u need for carbon cleaning and any car older than 3-4 years. Now it’s like new.I will buy again soon.

  • Alden Crabb 5 stars

    Injection system seems quieter engine super smooth !!!AAA!!!

  • Willaim Tooley 5 stars

    Why haven't I discovered this product before. I hardly ever write reviews but Xado deserves every bit of their 5 Star status. I was recommended EX120 Revitalizant for fuel equipment by a collegue who had used it before. I had a persistant fuel problem that was no better despite hours of work by my local Fiat dealer. Of course the dealer recommended a new fuel pump. XADO was a last resort before deciding to spending eye watering £££'s. I ordered the EX120 Revitalizant for fuel equipment which arrived quickly. What a difference, and worth every penny spent. More importantly no eye watering £££'s spent. Thank you XADO and I will definatley spread the word.

  • Derek W 5 stars

    I bought Xado for my vans and I was so sceptical about it! But I can honestly say that the stuff is brilliant. The fuel treatment for diesel engines and oil treatment really works! Excellent value for money