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Revitalizant for manual gear box

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Up to 2L/Qt oil system

Gel-Revitalizant for Gearboxes is designed for restoring repair of the gearboxes, bearings and other units of transmissions and protection for wear-out.

The gel forms a new cermet coating on friction surfaces with unique properties and restores geometry of the parts.

General characteristics of the cermet coating:

  • Microhardness – 750 kg/mm2
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Gritness Ra up to 0,06 mkm

Application, dosage:

Squeeze out the Gel-Revitalizant into a gearbox, transfer case or axle gearbox.

The volume and dosage ares shown in the Table below.

Oil system volume (L) Number of tubes (pcs.) Treatment scheme
1-2 1 once
2-5 2 once
5-8 3 once

The processing is considered to be completed after 50 hours of operation (932 miles).


  • The feature of revitalization is a reduction of noise in the mechanism from the first miles. If after some time the improvement of the work stops that can be an indicator of the sever wear-out. In this case you should double recommended dose. 
  • If after 62-124 miles the situation doesn’t improve, the most probable matter is a mistaken diagnostics.

Technology and certificates

  • 1G generation
  • 50 000 re-treatment interval


Practical experience:

S. Semenenko sped his Dodge along the Kharkov-Kiev highway half the night in order to be in time for very important business meeting and he was in time! But there was one thing that worried him while driving: a noise began to come from the axles. It got louder and louder until he could not hear the stereo.

In Kiev S. Semenenko rushed to the service station. The repairmen were astonished: “How could you reach Kiev at all? The axles are dry without a single drop of oil!” There was nobody to blame but himself. Slava had checked the oil level before the trip but he forgot to screw the plugs back in. And the most vexing thing was that he forgot to do it with both axles! Of course, during the first kilometres the oil was pressed out completely. As a result pinions of differentials “burned out”, the metal became blue. There was one way out - two new axles which cost several thousand dollars. Somehow with his axles droning Slava returned to Kharkov.

The problem was resolved by revitalizant XADO. After 12 miles after application of three tubes of the gel for gear boxes and reducers for each axle the howling sound reduced distinctly and disappeared completely after 120 miles. Thanks to XADO the story came to a happy end.


  • Restores and protects friction parts of transmissions against wear
  • Eliminates scratches and bubbles on the work surfaces
  • Restores geometry of the parts
  • Optimizes frictional conformability of gears
  • Decreases noise and vibration of the units by 10 times
  • Increases accuracy of the gear-shift
  • Improves synchromesh operation
  • Contributes to reduction of fuel consumption (especially in all-wheel drive cars)
  • Maintains operation of the transmission units during 620 miles in case of oil leakage


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  • Product review «Revitalizant for manual gear box»:
  • Peter L 5 stars

    Does exactly what it should noticeable noise reduction

  • Barry Sutton 5 stars

    Top kit have used these items on my p38 range rover with excellent results

  • Robert Fitchet 5 stars

    It’s so good I keep coming back for more for all friends and family it works 100%

  • Keith Gibbs 5 stars

    This stuff really does work. Very pleased. A+++++

  • Graham Long 5 stars

    My Nissan Navara developed an noisy gearbox. I was about to replace the gearbox but deciede to try an additive and I am gald I did. Xado was the firet to appear when searchign the interenet as and the reviews were good I bought a tube of Xado Gearbox revitalizant. It came in a little tube in a green pacakaing. The contents were only 10ml and I was unsure if such a small amount would work. No sooner as I had done 50 miles the improvements started. The gearbox now seems almost new. Saved me £1500!! Got to be worth it!

  • Trevor Parrott 5 stars

    Hi I put your product into a 45 year old BMW motorcycle gearbox. And to me, it has quietened the gear noise and made the selection easier.