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Mottec Universal cleaner and degreaser

Universal cleaner and degreaser Applied for cleaning of chains and sprockets, frame, suspension and braking system parts, bearings and other units and assemblies. Easily removes oil and operational contaminations, conserving grease, dust, soot, bitumen traces. ...

150 ml
8.99 £
6 .29 GBP

Mottec Ultrawaterproof bicycle chain grease

Mottec High-speed ultrawaterproof bicycle care chain grease Mottec Ultrawaterproof Chain Grease Contains XADO-Revitalizant+PTFE (polytetrafluorethylene). Specially developed for protection of bicycle chains by contact with water and dirt. Owing to revitalizant + PTFE complex provides prof...

200 ml
11.99 £
8 .39 GBP

XADO Atomic Metal Conditioner for Marine Engines

Engine wear protection & restoration. Atomic Metal conditioner for Marine Engines contains an innovative 3-component product with the latest nano-technology for intelligent protection against wear. Specially designed for petrol or diesel marine engines. Everyday operation or h...

360 ml
119.90 £
83 .93 GBP

Aquastop - water remover from gasoline

Aquastop Water and ice remover from gasoline Aquastop water remover from gasoline is a fast-acting product designed to remove moisture from the fuel system. It breaks the water drops and ice crystals, distributing them evenly throughout the whole volume of fuel. As a result, moisture is remov...

10 ml
3.99 £
3 .19 GBP

Brake fluid DOT-4

Synthetic brake fluid. Exceeds the requirements of American standard DOT 4 and specifications of leading car manufacturers (BMW, VW, MAN) regarding brake fluids for passenger cars and trucks. Applied to brake systems of vehicles equipped with disk or drum brakes, including anti-lock braking (...

0.5 L
9.19 £
5 .51 GBP