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AtomEX Petrol Multi Cleaner

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Cleans fuel system up to the level of technical purity.

Offers perfect alternative to a bench cleaning of injectors.

Improves fuel pump performance.

Reliably protects fuel system.

During the regular car operation and driving on standard gasoline, deposits are unavoidably formed in the fuel system. These deposits decrease engine power, increase fuel consumption and toxicity of the exhaust gases, increase detonation risk and cause vibrations.

Solution: regular cleaning of the fuel system by using Atomex Petrol Multi Cleaner.

Accidental water entry or fueling with contaminated fuel may cause pump breakage, hanging-up of injector needles.

Solution: revitalizant contained in the cleaner will reliably protect parts of fuel equipment, pump and injector against wear.


Pour the AtomEX Petrol Multi Cleaner product into a fuel tank before fueling.


The Atomex Petrol Multi Cleaner product is compatible with gasoline of all types, safe for catalyst converters, oxygen sensors and valves.

It is recommended to apply the product every 3100 miles of run.


250 ml of cleaner for 40-60 L (10-15 gal) of fuel


Bottle 250 ml XA 40013

Due to the specific detergent properties, AtomEx Multi Cleaner:

  • Safely and quickly removes all types of deposits and contaminations
  • Cleans injectors, inlet valves and combustion chamber to the level of technical purity
  • Restores engine power and its characteristics to the initial ones;
  • Reduces fuel combustion
  • Removes moisture from the fuel system
  • Decreases the level of toxic components in the exhaust gases

Due to the revitalizant, AtomEx Multi Cleaner:

  • Forms firm antiwear coating on the fuel equipment parts directly during the mechanism operation
  • Restores pump* performance to the nominal level and improves fuel dispersion
  • Protects injector needle from hanging-up during operation on low-quality fuel
  • Increases performance reliability and extends service life of fuel system parts

*with pendulum or gear rollers

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  • Product review «AtomEX Petrol Multi Cleaner»:
  • R Watson 5 stars

    Thanks. Great quality product that when it has fully worked through the engine provides some comfort that the injectors/combustion system is performing to maximum capability. I will definitely purchase more items as required in the future. Speedy and securely packaged and posted.

  • Pete M 5 stars

    My old Saab 9-5 vector sport 1.9 tid had 128,000+ miles on the clock when I finally replaced it with a 1yr old Insignia. On it's last service and MOT, the garage said they were very impressed how well the engine sounded and performed for the milage. This is purely down to regular treatment with this product in conjunction with others from Xado. Xado has a life-long customer in me. Cannot praise them enough!

  • Mr p andrews 5 stars

    Very happy with this product Well recommend as allways The xado products are impressive.

  • Paul Andrews 5 stars

    Very happy with the product. I put the full treatment into 33lt of petrol and after 150 miles toped it up. Car has not had a good drive for over 6+months and is now sweet very smooth. Just had a oil change + tune up added. My MPG is getting better than new. I have had a drive in a same car as my Suzuki Ignis and feels very lack luster. Recomended it to every one.

  • Jim C 5 stars

    This is a product I have never heard of, but their logo was emblazoned all over a Mazda MX5 at the MX5 Supercup at Silverstone last weekend. The name XADO certainly caught my eye and the fact the Xado car won made me look it up upon my return home. Not knowing what to try I called Xado UK who suggested the Xado Maximum Metal Conditioner and the AtomEx Petrol Multi Cleaner. My wife's car is a Range Rover Coupe Evoque 2.2 with quite a few miles on the clock. Xado UK were very helpful. The technology sounded convincing so I ordered both items, which arrived the next day. 3 weeks after adding the products I am extremely impressed. No wonder the guy in the Xado MX5 won. This product certainly packs a punch.

  • Daryl 5 stars

    I came across Xado via my local VW car club. Several of the members had used various Xado products and each member reporting good results. Always the sceptic I thought I would give it a go. The Xado AtomEx Perol Engine Multi Cleaner arrived swiftly, well packed with easy to understand instructions. Most of Xado products were added to the oil, but this product is added to the fuel tank at refill. I had been experiencing performance issues - low MPG and patchy acceleration. The Xado AtomEx diesel multi cleaner seemed to do the trick. My acceleration dead spots have gone and the engine is definitely running better. Others at our club have been watchign and we are all impressed with the results. This is certainly not another Snake oil!!