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Tar stains

Tar stains are getting on the surface of the vehicle from the asphalt coating and can ruin the paint coating of the automobile. This usually happens in summer when light oil particles contained in asphalt penetrate the enamel and lacquer layers while contacting the paint coating. It can cause serious damage to metallic and pearl paints as well as to multiple-layer one-colour coatings. It happens because asphalt gets into the surface much faster when contacting with lacquer. As a result, the tar solidifies and becomes more difficult to remove as a thick layer of solid asphalt needs to be removed gradually. Fresh tar stains can be easily removed after one moistening. In winter season tire studs accumulate asphalt micro particles on their surfaces which, along with different chemicals, get onto the automobile paint coating and create a layer of dirt which penetrates into paint and is very hard to remove.


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In this case it’s recommended to use the following XADO products: Tar stain remover, VERYLUBE Universal cleaner.


  • In order to reduce the harm caused by tar stains, it’s advised to use VERYLUBE Lacquer coating polish or Red Penguin wax for treatment of the vehicle paint coating after washing.
  • It is worth to be noted that after tar stains removal, there may stay traces of old stains. These may look grey on dark cars and yellow on light cars.
  • It is advised to wash the car before tar stains removal, so that paint coating won’t become scratched.
  • Remember, that only within 24-hours the tar stains are easy to remove.
  • You need to remove old stains gradually, layer by layer.
  • Do not apply great force or scrub the coating with a help of cloth to speed up the removal process as you can severely damage the coating.

Tar stain remover is a product that quickly removes tar stains from the paint coating of a car.

Properties of the product

  • Removes tar stains from glass, metal, pain and chrome-plated parts
  • Eliminates exhaust spots
  • Removes the previous anti-corrosion and anti-gravel coating


  • Shake the can
  • Spray onto the surface
  • Wipe off with a help of sponge or wash with water after 10-15 seconds


  • It is not suitable for cleaning of the leather!
  • Avoid getting the product onto non-painted plastic parts of a car body or number plates!
  • The product is compatible with lacquer coatings of any type.