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Bad look of tires, protection from cracking

In the course of time all tires get old. This can easily be seen in the increased hardness of protector rubber indicated by small cracks on the tire surface. High level of rubber hardness may cause changes in tire traction.

There are several reasons for appearance of cracks which include low-quality rubber, incorrect storage of tires, exhaust gases influence, ozone and sunlight, constant overheating, moisture, badly timed tire maintenance, driving with flat tires and car overloads.

Cracking of tires can also occur due to rare operation of the vehicle. In this case natural tension and compression does not influence the tires and special compositions which protects tire, cease working. All these factors increase the possibility of cracking. In order to prolong life span of tires, restore their initial look and make the surfaces of tires more resistant to dirt, it is recommended to apply special products for care of tires. This will help to prevent tires from cracking and other influences.

Изображение проблематики


In order to solve the problem, it is recommended to use the following products:


It is important to know that in case of regular treatment of tires their surfaces become smoother and more elastic.

VERYLUBE Conditioner of rubber and plastic is a spray conditioner for taking care of rubber and plastic articles. It is created for restoring the initial colour and properties of tires. The product is designed to treat tires, bumpers, moldings, mirrors and other rubber or plastic parts of cars. Due to treatment parts are restored to their initial level of technical purity.



The application process is quite simple. Shake the can and apply a thin layer onto the surface. Then wipe off with a help of napkin.

It is worth to be noted that surfaces do not need to be polished after application.