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Dirty wheel discs

Road mud, dust and salts in winter are the possible reasons for destroying the look and individuality of the car. In order to prevent this from happening your car and the chromium wheel discs need regular care. You probably know that many wheel discs cleaners produced nowadays contain aggressive chemicals that may cause corrosion on the wheel surfaces within a short period of time. Such damage is almost impossible to fix and after several months the discs have to be replaced.

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In order to prevent your discs from damaging, it is recommended to use the following products:

  • VERYLUBE Wheel disc purifier (aluminum)
  • VERYLUBE Wheel disc purifier (chromium)

The above mentioned products are designed to careful treatment of the discs and protection from different aggressive road factors. The purifiers allow removing old stains quickly as well as restoring the initial look of your car.

Here are several advices on taking care of wheel discs:

  • Remember that aggressive wheel disc purifiers cause damage to brake discs, high-pressure hoses of the braking system as well as wheel studs and bolts
  • The cleaned discs should not be exposed to direct sunlight before cleaning as the purifier will dry up and leave stains before the end of washing
  • The wheel discs should be cleaned from the outer and inner sides
  • In order to prevent any damage it is recommended to use clean sponges or soft brushes
  • It is advised not to use high-pressure steam during cleaning process as the discs mat loose their glance.
  • It’s important to not exceed the time of cleaning recommended by the manufacturer.

In this case it is recommended to use VERYLUBE Wheel disc purifier for chromium or aluminum.


  • Removes severe contaminations from discs
  • Designed for cleaning any type of wheel discs
  • Adds luster to wheel discs due to special composition


Just spray the product on the cold wheel disc. Then wash with large amount of water after 2-3 minutes.