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Insect traces

The traces of insects are usually appearing on the front parts of the auto body in the warm season by long driving. These are very hard to remove, especially with a help of standard touch-free or hand washing detergents.

It is worth to be noted that the traces of insects should be immediately removed after a drive or the paint coating of your car will be damaged seriously. Insects contain acids that are very damaging for lacquer, paint, plastic and chromium- plated parts of the auto body. You should know that even the most expensive products cannot fully remove old insect traces on the car. These can only be eliminated by removing the damaged surface layer due to abrasive polishing of the auto.


Изображение проблематики
Изображение проблематики


In this case it is recommended to use our concentrated VERYLUBE Insect trace remover. In order to remove the insect traces on the windshield, the product (20 ml) should be introduced into the washer tank.


Washers are usually clean insect traces at extra cost. So, before going to a car wash, you should apply the insect trace remover. By doing this, you will remove insect traces and avoid extra expenses at the same time.