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Hardening of door seals

Solidification of door seals may appear due to several factors which include summer heat, penetration of moisture and continuous cold temperatures. Because of these factors the rubber door seals may dry up, crack and lose the elasticity. Strange sounds may appear by the doors during car’s operation indicating the accumulating moisture on the floor of the passenger compartment and truck. It is important to take care of rubber seals constantly in order to prevent their solidification and complete failure. The rubber seals should be treated with special products which ensure the proper functioning during the whole service period of the vehicle.


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The following products are recommended to use for avoiding door seals’ solidification.

VERYLUBE Conditioner of rubber and plastic is a spray conditioner for taking care of rubber and plastic articles. It is created for restoring the initial colour and properties of tires. The product is designed to treat tires, bumpers, moldings, mirrors and other rubber or plastic parts of cars. Due to treatment parts are restored to their initial level of technical purity.


The application process is quite simple. Shake the can and apply a thin layer onto the surface. Then wipe off with a help of napkin.

It is worth to be noted that surfaces do not need to be polished after application.