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Noise in Power Steering Booster

Strange sound may occur in power steering booster system due to several reasons. It may be caused by contaminations in fluid which becomes dark. In this case the fluid needs to be changed accompanying the system cleaning. There is also a roaring sound may occur indicating improper tense of the driving belt which can be eliminated by proper regulation. Strange sounds during functioning may also appear due to defects in the flow regulator valves and oil seals, although it happens very seldom. But if this is the case, then all the defected parts need to be replaced.

In most cases the roar sound is appeared due to worn friction parts in powers steering booster.

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Worn bearings can be indicated by weakness or irregular rotations of the pump runner. If the noise is caused by wear it can be removed by introducing one of the following products:

Revitalizant EX120 for power steering booster is created to prevent wear and restore hydraulic equipment in general. It has an increased concentration of the active agent which helps to restore the worn surfaces and prevent wear by creating a protective metal-ceramic coating on the surfaces of the mechanisms.


  • Eliminates wear of the pump
  • Removes any difficulties with steering
  • Increases power steering performance after 30-60 miles of run
  • Decreases noise and vibration level of the hydraulic system pump
  • Prevents from wear


  • Add the content of the product warmed up to the room temperature in the tank
  • Turn on the engine, wait 2-4 minutes and turn the steering wheel for 5 minutes
  • After about 50 hours of the mechanism operation, revitalization cycle is complete.

It is advised to dissolve the product in small amount of used hydraulic fluid before using it. In case of contamination of the fluid it is recommended to change it before treatment.


You will be able to see signs of the beginning of the revitalization cycle by significant improvement in the functioning of the steering mechanism. There will be decreased steering effort, improved precision and decreased noise level after about 60-120 miles of run.