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Changed Color of Hydraulic Fluid

While functioning, fluid of the power steering booster system may become muddy. It may be caused by several reasons including wear of metal parts in the system, appearance of moisture or malfunction of the power steering booster system.

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It is important to know that fluid in a power steering system should be changed at least once in 2-3 years or every 25- 37000 miles of run. You should make a flush of the system during changing of fluid. This can be done with a help of the same fluid which you use when driving a car.

If hydraulic fluid colour is changing, it is recommended to use XADO Atomic Oil CHF product.

XADO Atomic Oil CHF is a synthetic product of the next generation containing Revitalizant. It is designed to treat hydraulic boosters and combined hydraulic system (servodrive of steering control, clearance control system, servodrive of brake system and others). The product can be used in steering system and hydraulic systems of the latest cars like BMW, Audi, MB and others.


  • Extremely effective and is introduced once for the whole service life of hydraulic car system
  • Possesses the unique viscosity features and provides reliable functioning of hydraulic system in any climate conditions (-49…266F) and operating mode
  • Allows efficient anticorrosive protection of assemblies
  • Restores worn parts of hydraulic system
  • Helps to avoid internal leakage of the fluid


  • The product has a specific green colour
  • Atomic Oil CHF can be mixed with all synthetic fluids of CHF type
  • It is not advised to mix the product with other types of fluids. If the auto manufacturer specifies the application of DOT-3 or DOT-4 fluids, you cannot use the product in brake system. In this case it is advised to apply XADO DOT-4.
  • The Oil can be used with all the types of materials and sealants which are applied in hydraulic systems of modern cars.