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Condensed water under tank cap

Water vapour appears on the internal surfaces of the fuel tank in case if a car is parked in warm place containing insufficient amount of fuel in the tank. The level of condensation depends on the amount of fuel in tank and level of temperature difference. Water in tank may also appear during fueling.

In the course of time water mixes with fuel and causes to improper functioning of the fuel pump and glow plugs. This problem may appear more frequently in diesel and injector engines. Water vapour also causes freezing of fuel hose and main filter of diesel engines in cold weather.

The signs of engine malfunction include unstable revolutions, jerky engine operation on the difficult road when the tank is not full.

Condensed water may be successfully eliminated from the tank and fuel system by introducing the following special products.


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Aquastop – water remover from gasoline is a special product designed to eliminate moisture from the fuel system. It restores the parts of fuel system and prevents them from corrosion. The product also defrosts locks and prevents them from blocking.


  • Quickly eliminates water from fuel system
  • Protects fuel tank from moisture
  • Prevents fuel system from corrosion


  • Add Aquastop into the fuel tank at ratio 10 ml for 5 liters of gasoline
  • Drive as usually