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Diesel fuel freezes, difficult start of diesel engine at low ambient temperatures

Probable reasons include:

  1. Improper application of diesel fuel according to the season, climatic zone or performance standards due to high content of paraffins. Freezing of diesel fuel may be caused by presence of paraffins in it which begin to crystallize and make the fuel more viscous. As a result fuel filters get clogged and prevent fuel distribution to cylinders.
  2. Moisture contained in diesel fuel. Due to this reason proper fuel distribution to the engine cylinders fails at low temperatures. At normal operating temperatures water with fuel creates emulsion that ruins filter cartridges while at low temperatures they become clogged.
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  1. If diesel fuel that not corresponds to the season, climatic zone or performance standards is introduced in the fuel tank, it is advised to add one of the following depressor agents into the fuel in order to decrease the temperature:
    • Antigel +, concentrated product added at the ratio of 1:1000 for diesel fuel
    • Antigel -, concentrated diesel fuel product
    • Antigel – compound for increasing low-temperature features of diesel fuel
    Using these special products will allow reducing the diesel congelation point by 10…12°С. Often diesel fuel for summer may be mixed with jet fuel or gasoline in order to reduce the congelation point which may cause decreasing of cetane level of fuel and failure of engine and fuel pump.
  2. In order to prevent and remove moisture from diesel fuel it is recommended to use regularly one of the following products:
    • Verylube fuel system cleaner
    • DIESEL – LUX complex treatment
    • MultiCleaner for diesel fuel
    • F8 Complex Formula for diesel fuel which removes consequences of using low-quality fuel.

DIESEL – LUX complex fuel treatment is designed to clean the fuel system from all types of sediments. The product prevents injector valves from burning and blocking. There is also a DIESEL – LUX Winter product which increases temperature of diesel fuel in winter season.


  • Removes carbon and sediments from fuel system and prevents it from wear
  • Increases cetane level
  • Optimizes process of fuel combustion
  • Decreases fuel combustion
  • Reduces the level of toxic exhausts
  • Eliminates moisture from fuel