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AtomEX Petrol Energy Drive

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XADO AtomEx Petrol Energy Drive

AtomEx Petrol Energy Drive fuel treatment for petrol and gas engines is a new advanced fuel additive and fuel treatment to improve the combustion and performance properties of your fuel.

  • Increases the energy-conversion of your fuel.
  • Improves acceleration.
  • Increases fuel octane rating.

Fast acceleration, maximum torque and engine power are important for all sports cars.

Solution: application of an advanced fuel additive fuel treatment, which improves energy-conversion and efficient fuel combustion.

The active component of AtomEx Energy Drive improves dynamic fuel ignition and combustion processes.

Due to the specific properties, AtomEx Energy Drive:

  • AtomEx Energy Drive fuel additive fuel treatment ensures immediate engine start due to the improved fuel inflammability;
  • improves engine power due to intensive fuel combustion and increased energy efficiency;
  • reduces ramp-up time;
  • increases engine thrust particularly whilst accelerating;
  • eliminates the effect of “cold engine”;
  • elimates engine knocks and ensures smooth engine operation;
  • increases petrol octane rating by 6 units*;

*for low-octane petrol, that no additives have been used to increase octane rating

Application Instructions:

Pour AtomEx Energy Drive fuel additive treatment into a fuel tank before fueling.


AtomEx Energy Drive fuel additive treatment is compatible with all types of petrol, safe for catalyst converters, oxygen sensors and valves.

It is recommended to use AtomEx Energy Drive at each fuelling.


250 ml of product for 40-60 L of fuel.


Can 250 ml XA 40413

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  • Slavishow 5 stars

    It’s lovely product.Make your car like race car and also cleaning your fuel tank.