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Truck kit offer

Whether you have a new or used Truck, you need to consider an annual maintenance programme to keep your truck in the best condition and with the optimum fuel efficiency

There are many ways you can save yourself money but if you use our specially prepared kits you may save anywhere between 5% – 10% of your running costs which means many £££ or $$$ in your pocket

Many truck owner leave this to a garage, but there are things that you can do yourself to reduce your maintenance costs and at the same time improve the efficiency of the vehicle maximizing your profits

If you use our XADO products that are especially designed for diesel trucks you will not need someone else do this for you, you can easily carry out these tasks yourself

Listed below are some helpful ways to improve the fuel efficiency of all Diesel trucks

Truck Kit (Annual Maintenance Manual Transmission)

The Kit is specially designed as an annual top up treatment of all the main components and parts in diesel trucks filled with manual transmission. It is designed as an annual treatment to restore and protects the surfaces of parts in the engine, manual transmissions, fuel system and CV (Constant velocity) joint.

The Kit contains 4 products specially grouped together to provide a total synergetic effect after their application:

  • Helps to restore all vehicle’s performance characteristics to almost new.
  • Extend the service life of a component, restore optimal engine power, acceleration, increase fuel.

Regular maintenance will help to keep your Truck the best condition possible!

1. Use an advanced oil additive

Highway Atomic metal conditioner for diesel truck engines is very simple to use. It is a multifunctional motor oil additive that contains REVITALIZANT® nanocomponent. Highway for Diesel Trucks is 3 in 1 engine treatment with an advanced formula that revitalizes the metallic surfaces, improves the lubricating properties of the engine oil as well as enhancing the surface to surface movement of all metallic part. The metal conditioner fluids strengthens the lubricating oil film and reduces engine efficiency due to friction.

Highway Diesel Truck

Saving: Approx 5%

It can be applied to all new vehicles as well as older engines and will protect against further engine wear, however with only a 5.5 revitalization factor this product will not achieve full revitalization.  It is designed as an annual top up once a full revitalization has been completed. To achieve complete revitalization you should use either our 1 Stage New Car or our 1 Stage Maximum Metal conditioners.

As with all our other products it is added to the vehicles existing oil. It is compatible with all other engine treatments oil additive products and oils.

Application instructions:

Before using make sure the product is at room temperature or ideally +25°С. Warm the truck engine up to operating temperature. Turn off the engine and remove the oil filler cap. Shake the bottle. Pour the contents into the oil filler neck of the engine. Replace the oil filler cap and start the engine and idle it for 3–5 minutes. You canthen run the engine as you would normally.


1 bottle (950 ml) for an engine with the oil system capacity of 30–45 L.

IMPORTANT! The oil level shouldn’t exceed the maximum mark. Avoid overdosing.

2. Clean you fuel system

The second vitally important sector of your truck maintenance is the cleanliness of the fuel system. During the regular car operation and driving on standard fuel, deposits are unavoidably formed in the fuel system. These deposits decrease engine power, increase fuel consumption and toxicity of the exhaust gases, increase detonation risk and cause vibrations.

To clean the trucks fuel system, we are going to use XADO Atomex Diesel Multi cleaner.

Atomex Diesel Multi cleaner is a high performance fuel system cleaner for diesel engines. It is designed to thoroughly clean your vehicles fuel system form tank to engine to be as good as new. It will also clean the injectors and restore the performance of the fuel pump.

Atomex Diesel Multi cleaner

Saving: Approx 5% reduction in fuel consumption

Effectiveness: 100% Cleans the Values & Combustion Chamber with reduced friction

Due to the specific detergent properties, AtomEx Multi Cleaner will:

  • Safely and quickly removes all types of deposits and contaminations;
  • Cleans injectors, inlet valves and combustion chamber to the level of technical purity;
  • Restores engine power and its characteristics to the initial ones;
  • Reduces fuel consumption;
  • Removes moisture from the fuel system;
  • Decreases the level of toxic components in the exhaust gases.

Due to the revitalizant, AtomEx Multi Cleaner:

  • Forms a strong antiwear coating on the fuel equipment parts whilst the pump is in use;
  • Restores fuel pump* performance to the nominal level and improves fuel dispersion;
  • Protects injector needle from hanging-up during operation on low-quality fuel;
  • Increases performance reliability and extends service life of fuel system parts;

Application instructions:

Pour the product into a fuel tank before fuelling.


The product is compatible with diesel fuel of all types, safe for particulate filters, catalyst converters and valves. It is recommended to apply the product every 3100 miles of run.


250 ml (˜8.45 fl.oz) of cleaner for 40-60 L (10-15 gal) of fuel

3. Maximise you fuel economy

Once you have spent time cleaning your fuel system it is important that you maximize your fuel economy. To do this we are going to use XADO Xtreme Economy fuel additive. This is a special additive to allow you to obtain maximum fuel economy form your truck engine. It will also help reduces the harmful effects of friction in the cylinder-piston group and will provide a long lasting effect due to build-up of our active friction modifiers present in the product.

Xtreme Economy Fuel Additive

Saving: Approx 5% reduction in fuel consumption

Effectiveness: 100% Cleans Injectors and EGR

The product contains our proprietary detergent-dispersant additives and will provide:

  • Additional fuel economy as the detergent additives clean the injector nozzles.
  • Improves lubricating properties of diesel fuel and protects the fuel pimp and other parts of the fuelsystem against the harmful effects of low-sulphur fuel.
  • Cleans the EGR valve.

Application instructions:

Pour the additive into the fuel tank before fuelling.


To achieve the maximum effect, use at every fuelling. Can be used with all types of diesel engines. Safe for diesel particulate filters and SCR catalysts systems.


500 ml of additive for 1,000 L of fuel.Maximal value of decrease in fuel consumption by the joint e ect of lubricating and cleaning components of the compound is stated.

4. Check and Grease important CV joints

The final check you should make is to your vehicle CV joints. These are sometimes overlooked but they play a vital role in the overall operation of your Truck. For this we are going to use XADO CV Grease which contains our atomic revitalizant. The high-performance nature of this grease far exceeds any other greases, containing MoS2.

CV Join Grease

Saving: Approx x 2-5 times increase in product life, reduction in friction and wear and tear

Effectiveness: 100% MoS2 free


  • Perfect grease for constant velocity joints, reduces wear by 2-2.5 times
  • Protects constant velocity joints from moisture and contaminations for a long time in case the duster is damaged
  • Super universal grease: applied to all car units (navy bearings, ball bearings and hinges, cardan transmission joints, bearings of pump and generator). It is also used in industrial and household equipment (open gearings, sliding and frictionless bearings, pinions of manual polishing machines, chains etc)
  • Compatible with automotive and industrial lithium greases of all types, can be mixed with them in any proportion
  • The grease keeps perfect lubricating properties under any operating mode (extremely heavy loads, high and low shear rate, high temperatures, dust level and moisture)
  • Prevents formation of scratches and corrosion, reduces noise and vibration


  • Atomic revitalizant provides unique anticorrosion properties
  • XADO grease for CV joints has advantages in comparison with greases with molybdenum-disulphide
  • Doesn’t contain MoS2. That’s why the grease doesn’t form solid particles on friction surfaces, and in case the duster of CV joints is damaged, the grease doesn’t form abrasive and aggressive acids.

Application instructions:

Manual application: Remove the old grease and fill 1/2 of the bearing (unit) volume with the grease.

With pressurized application: Add the grease through the grease gun until desired grease volume is reached.


  • Recommended for new joints and mechanisms
  • Use XADO “Restoring” and “Repairing” greases for essential restoring repair


XADO grease for CV joints meets the requirements:


KOG2K-20 (DIN 51502)

We are confident that if you follow these tips you will gain significant savings in your overall operational cost of your vehicle.

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