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XADO HighWay for Diesel Truck

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XADO HighWay for Diesel Truck atomic metal conditioner is a multifunctional additive for truck motor oils and contains our proprietry REVITALIZANT® nano technology.

The product is specially designed for turbocharged diesel engines (SHPD — Super High Performance Diesel, UHPD — Ultra High Performance Diesel) and is used for their active protection by high-speed and loaded modes of operation.

XADO HighWay for Diesel Truck is an innovative 3-component product of the new generation which combines the advantages of a two-phase complex metal conditioner and REVITALIZANT® nanocomponent (RF=5,5)*.

*RF (REVITALIZATION® factor) — efficiency index for engine restoration and antiwear protection. RF=5,5 means that the engine is reliably protected from future engine wear and tear.

The action of the product is complex; due to the presence of REVITALIZANT® nanocomponent, modification of friction surfaces of parts of the engine occurs whilst the engine is operating (a protective ceramic-metal layer is formed). The complex metal conditioner strengthens the lubricating oil film and reduces friction losses.

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  • Compensates the ongoing wear of friction parts.
  • Reduces friction losses, thus increasing the engine power and acceleration capability.
  • Creates and active system for protection of parts from loads and overheating.
  • Improves the lubricating properties of oil and tribological characteristics of engine assemblies.
  • Contributes to the decrease of fuel consumption.
  • Increases the service life expectancy of the engine.


  • the product can also be applied to engines of off-road vehicles, buses, marine diesel engines, diesel generators etc..
  • the product is compatible with all types of motor oils;
  • for better effect it is recommended to use XADO HighWay for Diesel Truck by each motor oil change;
  • for full REVITALIZATION® of the engine and in order to provide the highest possible level of antiwear protection it is recommended to use XADO Maximum for Diesel Truck (RF=100 RF) once each 100,000 km of run;
  • the product contains REVITALIZANT® in granules that completely dissolve in the oil at the operating temperature.

Application instructions:

The temperature of the product before application shouldn’t be lower than +25°С. Shake the bottle. Introduce its contents into the oil filler neck of the engine warmed up to the operating temperature. Start the engine and idle it for 3–5 minutes. Operate the engine in regular mode.


1 bottle (950 ml) for an engine with the oil system capacity of 30–45 L.

Attention! The oil level shouldn’t exceed the maximum mark. Avoid overdosing.


Bottle 950 ml ХА 40029

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