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Atomic Metal Conditioner Maximum Diesel Truck for manual transmission

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Up to 25L/Qt oil system

XADO MAXIMUM Manual Transmissions Diesel Trucks is a multifunctional additive that contains Revitalizant®.  It is designed to restor, repair and protect of all types of automatic transmissions from wear and tear.  The Revitalizant® forms a ceramic-metal coating on the surfaces of gear wheels, shafts, bearings, synchronizers etc.

The product can be used to treat all mechanical, robotized and sequential gear boxes including Direct Shift gear boxes, transfer cases and axles (differentials). Owing to the two-component formula, Atomic metal conditioner Maximum Transmission for Diesel Truck provides an extra level of antiwear protection.

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Introduce the contents of the Atomic Metal Conditioner Maximum Diesel Truck for manual transmission syringe into the oil filler neck of the gear box, transfer case or axle gear box warmed up to the operating temperature.


A typical sign of the revitalization process beginning is the reduction of noise in the mechanism operation from the first miles of run. The compound is compatible with all types of motor oils for mechanical transmission assemblies. Revitalization takes place during 600–1,000 miles of run. It is not recommended to change oil during this period. Repeated application is recommended after the mechanism has been in operation for 60,000 miles of run.


One syringe (50 ml) is enough for the treatment of a transmission assembly with the oil system capacity of 10–25 L.

Technology and certificates

  • 3G generation
  • 100 000 re-treatment interval
  • Eliminates blowholes and scratches on the operation surfaces
  • Optimizes contact patters in gear engagement
  • Reduces the level of noise and vibrations of assemblies by 10 times
  • Increases the accuracy of gear shifting
  • Improves the operation of synchronizers
  • Considerably reduces fuel consumption
  • Ensures extended period of transmission assemblies operation up to 600 miles in case of catastrophic oil loss

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