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Restores, Repairs and Reconditions

XADO Technology. Extends the life of machinery. Reduces the release of CO, CO2 and NOx

The process of revitalization has wide ranging applications.

In engines, because we know that all the engines and their associated equipment have a similar fundamental design concept (i.e cylinders, pistons, crankshaft bearings and fuel pumps etc.) all lubricated by oil or grease, then if revitalization works in one type of engine we know it will work in all types of engines, whether it be Petrol, Diesel LPG or Marine fuel oil and regardless of the type of engine, cubic capacity and manufacturer.

In fact XADO Revitalizant will achieve the same result in any mechanism or associated equipment as long as it contains metallic moving parts which are affected by surface friction.

All XADO products will restore, repair and recondition any worn mechanical moving part resulting in the creation of an extremely strong and durable CERMET surface structure* (see definition below) that significantly reduces friction and heat which allows mechanical machinery, equipment and engines to run more efficiently, resulting in: -

  1. Increased Compression, Power, Performance and Fuel Economy in engines
  2. Reduced Friction, Oil Burn Off, Emissions, and Engine NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness)
  3. Extended life expectancy of an engine, reduced operational cost, providing at least 1 to 2 ROI (based on fuel economy tests at SYSCO).

Here what our clients say.

I bought XADO for my vans and I was so skeptical about it! But I can honestly say that the stuff is brilliant! The fuel treatment for diesel engines and oil treatment really do work! Excellent product, worth the money. - By Derek.

I put some XADO petrol engine oil treatment in my old lawnmower and could not believe the increase in power and reduction in engine noise. - By Irish Sounds.

Fantastic service and a very good product. I have been using the diesel treatment for 3 years and it never stops to amaze me. Well done, XADO. - By Simon.

XADO treatment is extremely simple to use. In engines, you just add the required amount of revitalizant to the existing engine oil and run the vehicle or engine in the normal way. You do not need to change the operating procedure. As soon as the engine begines to operate, revitalization will start to occur.

When an engine has been treated with the XADO Revitalizant, the heat and friction between moving surfaces triggers the process of carbon absorption forming metal carbides, creating a new and unique CERMET (ceramic / metal) protective coating, which is three times harder and stronger than the original metal structure. CERMET is extremely hard (5-6 times harder than steel), highly resistant to corrosion and is very smooth. The ceramic-metal coating also reduces the friction coefficient between 100-300 times. The resulting revitalized surface is therefore superior to the original manufacturing process and guaranteed to last up to 2-4 times longer after revitalization.

*Cermet - (ceramic + metal) derived from "ceramic" and "metal"; a material composed of processed ceramic particles (carbides) bonded with metal.