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NEW XADO EX120 Products – New packaging!

We’d like to introduce you a new product from a line of gels-revitalizants “XADO Revitalizant EX120 for gasoline engine”!

This new product has several significant advantages:

For the first time the gel-revitalizant is manufactured in a special package – doper. According to the experts and clients this package is the most handy in application now.

The product differs by the increased concentration (120% in regard to a standard package –tube) of the active material that gives the new product an absolute advantage in a quality-price ratio.

Due to the improved and enhanced formula the product possesses the best protective and restoring properties. The treatment of the engine «EX120» is performed in three stages, using one package every 150 km run and is completed after 1500 km run.

“XADO Revitalizant EX120 for gasoline engine” («??» is shortened from “to extend”) is the first product of the new line. «EX120» for diesel engine, assemblies of mechanical and automatic transmissions, power steering pumps and fuel equipment are expected to be introduced soon.