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Exterior Care

Mottec Universal cleaner and degreaser

Mottec Universal cleaner and degreaser

Universal cleaner and degreaser Applied for cleaning of chains and sprockets, frame, suspension and braking system parts, bearings and other units and assemblies. Easily removes oil and operational contaminations, conserving grease, dust, soot, bitumen traces. ...
150 ml
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Of course when maintaining your vehicle, it is important to look after the mechanical items but you should not forget about the vehicle’s appearance.

The main cause of a dirty bodywork is from driving the vehicle on inferior roads. On new roads, particles of asphalt stick to the vehicles tires as well as the body work leaving tar stains which can be extremely difficult to remove. To remove these stains, you should use our special XADO body care products.

There is a wide range of XADO products designed to look after the exterior including tar stain remover, anti-silicone cleaners, wheel disc cleaners and many other useful products to keep your car’s appearance in good condition.

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