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Atomex Stop leak engine

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Stop-leak engine. Oil additive

A product contains special components that restore the elasticity of sealing materials resulting in oil leakage elimination.

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Introduce the product into warm motor oil. The sealing effect occurs in 190-300 miles of run. Universal application for all engine types (automobiles and stationary installations, motor boats, motorcycles etc.). Safe for turbocharged engines.


As a preventive measure (before winter season and each time at sharp temperature drops).


1 can (250 ml) of the product for 4-5 L of oil, for small engines shall not exceed 10 % of the oil volume.

  • Restores elasticity and stretch ability of rubber gaskets and seals
  • Stops oil leakages from the engine and prevents their emerging in the future
  • Improves "seal-metal" contact
  • Eliminates the need for expensive repair
  • Compatible with motor oils of all types

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  • Product review «Atomex Stop leak engine»:
  • G Moretti 5 stars

    We used this product and do the job as described recommended to anyone.

  • W Scarr 5 stars

    AT THIS JUNCTURE ADDITIVE AS SEALED LEAK, PREVIOUS TO BUYING IT, PURCHASED TWO OF ( STEEL SEAL) COOLING SYSTEM REPAIR AND TWO OTHER BRANDS , WITHOUT SUCCESS . before adding your item flushed the system then filled the header tank, within a short space of time can report at this time no leaks found. your william just purchase a additional radiator cooling leak repair treatment from you.

  • John Bailey 5 stars

    This has clearly reduced the amount of oil being lost on my old heap of a van-thank you so much! I used your automatic transmission restorer last year on the CVT gearbox on her old Honda Jazz and it worked wonders! This almost equally as good -have done 400miles in a week and the difference is obvious!

  • 1984Audig 5 stars

    Had small leak from cork head seal which it fixed so worked recommended seller well done.

  • Lutino0 5 stars

    Good stuff. My first dose worked for around 18 months & After an oil & filter change I have used this product again . It works for my Vauxhall Antara timing chain leak. . A lot cheaper that taking the engine out.

  • Florin Crisan 5 stars

    Best product ever. A+++, works like a charm. I really recommend it.

  • Tina 5 stars

    Quick delivery, great customer service. I still have to wait to see the results but so far so good!

  • Janet Paterson-Page 5 stars

    Seems to have worked almost immediately. Very pleased.

  • Mike 5 stars

    Didn't think it would work lol Brought this to try.my car was leaking oil bad from everywhere. Thought I'd try the cheapest first. Was only 20 quid. Put it in, it says run for 100 miles but it was working a lot faster than that. I have now no oil leaks AMAZING PRODUCT would recommend to anybody