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Atomex Sealer Transmission for Manual Gearbox & Differentials

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Atomex Sealer Transmission is an advanced stop leak sealing agent for leaking manual transmissions, gearboxs and differentials of cars, SUV's Vans and small lorries. It contains special components to restore the elasticity of the gearbox seals and gaskets. As a result a tight contact of seal and metal is restored and any oil leakage is eliminated.

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Atomex Sealer Transmission Advantages:

  • Restores elasticity of rubber seals and gaskets;
  • Eliminates future leakages;
  • Improves “seal-metal” contact;
  • Eliminates the need for expensive repair;
  • Compatible with all types of oils for manual transmissions, gearboxs and differential transmissions.

Application instructions:

  1. Introduce the Atomex Sealer Transmission product into the warm transmission oil;
  2. The sealing effect occurs after 300-500 km of run;
  3. Applied universally in all unis of mechanical transmissions: gear boxes, transfer cases, axles (differentials).


250 ml of the Atomex Sealer Transmission product for 4 L of transmission oil.


bottle 250 ml (Art. XA 42813)

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