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Petroltank - complex fuel system cleaner

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Petroltank Complex cleaner for fuel systems. 

Petroltabk is a fast-acting product designed to clean the fuel system of gasoline engines. Dissolved carbon, vanish, and dirt are removed from the system with the burnt fuel. Regular use of the cleaner keeps the parts of the fuel system ideally clean and protects them from corrosion.


  • Squeeze out the contents of the tube into the petrol tank
  • Fill the car following the dosage instructions
  • Run the car as usual


Dosage for repair — 1 tube for 20 liters of gasoline (once). 

Preventive measures — 1 tube for 50 liters (at each refueling). 


  • Avoid the substance getting on lacquer coatings
  • The cleaner is safe for catalytic converter, oxygen sensors, and general mechanical rubber goods; when dissolved – for plastic parts

Expert's Advice 

In order to avoid the substance getting on a lacquer coating of a car, squeeze the content of a tube into the refueling nozzle before refueling. 

  • Quickly cleans the fuel system from vanish and carbon deposits
  • Removes water from fuel
  • Improves engine power up to the initial level
  • Improves operation of injectors and spark-plugs
  • Cleans spark-plugs and valves
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Protects parts of the fuel system from corrosion

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