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Brake fluid DOT-4

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Synthetic brake fluid.

Exceeds the requirements of American standard DOT 4 and specifications of leading car manufacturers (BMW, VW, MAN) regarding brake fluids for passenger cars and trucks. Applied to brake systems of vehicles equipped with disk or drum brakes, including anti-lock braking (ABS) and anti-slip regulation (ASR) systems, as well as to hydraulic clutch systems. Formulated on the basis of a complex of special ethers and low-molecular polymers, alloyed with an additive package. Protects friction surfaces against formation of burrs and corrosion, thereby providing smooth operation of brakes without wedging and sticking. Ensures faultless operation of the brake system during 2.5 years (~125,000 km (78,000 miles) of run).

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  • Ensures reliable and safe operation for all types of car brake systems;
  • Remains incompressible even under the most severe operation conditions (in case of durable and intensive braking);
  • Possesses high temperature of “wet” boiling (more than +170 °С), that helps to prevent brake fade;
  • Quickly rejects heat from parts of the brake system, prevents brakes from overheating;
  • Due to low viscosity at low temperatures, it ensures excellent performance properties in cold conditions (below −50 °С);
  • Prevents deposit formation and keeps the brake system perfectly clean;
  • Absolutely compatible with all types of metals, alloys, seals and pipeline materials used in car brake systems.


Compatible with regular brake fluids (transparent golden yellow fluids DOT 3, DOT 4, DOT 5.1).

The fluid is hygroscopic. Keep container tightly closed.

Requirements and specifications

DOT 4 FMVSS 116 SAE J 1703
ISO 4925 BMW 9368
VW 3057 MAN TUC v3681


  • Can 0.5 L Art. XA 50203
  • Plastic bottle 350 ml Art. XA 50303
  • Plastic bottle 0.9 L Art. XA 50803

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