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Washing the car windows is an important part of looking after your car. Dirty windows may impair your vision and cause accidents. That’s why it is so important to look after the windows as it is a question of safety. How do you clean your car windows?

The first thing is see how much dirt there is. If the windows are almost clean, you shouldn’t use anything but a cloth and warm water. If the glass is moderate to very dirty you will have to use special chemicals.

When deciding on the correct chemicals to use to clean the car windows you should make sure that the metal, rubber and car paint does not react to the cleaning chemical used. We recommend that you do not use cheap cleaning products as using low-quality chemicals may lead to cloudy windows making the situation even worse.

It is important to remember that treating the car windows during the winter season requires special care and attention. So as not to damage the glass, you should use a window antifreeze, a product which helps to remove the ice and defrost the locks.

The current automotive chemicals market has a large range of care window cleaning products. These days’ motorist does not need to worry about reduced visibility due to rain and fog as you can purchase antifreeze, anti-rain and many other useful XADO products.