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EX120 Revitalizant for Gasoline Petrol & LPG engines

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Up to 10L/Qt oil system

REVITALIZANT® EX120 for Gasoline Petrol and LPG engines.

EX120 Revitalizant is designed to restore, repair and protects gasoline petrol and LPG car, small vans and 4-stroke motorcycle engines (including high-powered and turbocharged engines), from future wear.

EX120 REVITALIZANT® has improved efficiency rate with 120% concentration of the active agent compared with the classic REVITALIZANT®. Due to the improved formula and efficiency the product provides enhanced protection and restoring properties.

  • Restores and protects engine cylinder parts from friction wear and tear
  • Considerably reduces fuel consumption (down to 30% when idling)
  • Increases oil pressure in the oil system up to the nominal values
  • Equalizes and increases cylinder compression accross all cylinders
  • Increases power of the engine, improves its acceleration
  • Reduces noise and vibrations 10 fold
  • Extends the engine service life 2–3 fold
  • Protects the engine from the damaging effects when starting a cold engine
  • Improves engine operation after only 50 –100 km (30 –60 miles) of use
  • Maintains engine operation for up to 300 km (180 miles) in case of loss of engine oil

No matter how well a car is maintained, high heat and friction cause a car’s engine to become worn, scratched, and misshapen over time. The destruction of the surface layer occurs in high-friction areas, where entire groups of atoms – clusters - may tear off under extreme loads. Until now there was no way to reverse this inevitable metal wear. Adding XADO EX120 Revitalizant for gasoline engines to your engine oil rebuilds worn engine metal and coats the rebuilt metal at the friction points with a self – regulating layer of ceramic-metal to prevent future wear for.

XADO’s innovative patented nano-technology is the result of 30 years of research and development. When added to an automobile’s engine oil, Revitalizant rebuilds engine metal at the atomic level, rebuilding worn engine metal at friction points, reversing wear, restoring engine geometry, and adding a self-regulating layer of ceramic-metal protection to prevent future wear. XADO Revitalizant does not cake, flake, or alter oil viscosity. This makes it safe to use in even the most sensitive vehicles. Since it does not alter oil viscosity, it is safe to use with all motor oils, from full-synthetic to mineral oil. XADO’s Revitalizant technology has been independently tested and proven to work.

Revitalizant is unlike any other engine treatment, because it actually works to rebuild metal, targeting the source of engine wear instead of merely masking the symptoms. Since Revitalizant is not a lubricant, you do not have to add this to your car over and over again. Revitalizant is activated by high-heat and friction, so it only repairs metal in high-friction points where metal wear occurs. Revitalizant leaves crank-cases and non-friction metal unaffected. Just three (3) 9ml tubes will provide 1 complete revitalization cycle that will last for 62,000 miles. Optimized for use in gasoline powered engines.


The engine treatment is conducted in three stages:

Stage 1: Warm up the engine to the normal working temperature, then turn the engine off. Ensure the tube is at room temperature so the contents flow freely. Empty the contents of the tube into the engine oil reservoir. Start the engine and let it idle for 5-10 min.

Stage 2: Repeat the procedure after 100-250 km of run.

Stage 3: Repeat the procedure after 100-250 km of run.

The treatment is considered complete after 1,500 km or 900 miles.


Oil system capacity, l 3-10 11-20 21-30
Number of tubes (9 ml), pcs. 3 6 9
Treatment diagram 1+1+1 2+2+2 3+3+3
Number of tubes for new engines 2 4 6



It is NOT recommended that you change the oil until the treatment is fully completed.

It is possible to treat the engine whilst idlinge: 4 hours of idling is an equivalent to 200 km (approx. 125 miles) of run.

New engines with odometer readings up to 12,000 miles should be treated in one stage.

Engines that have undergone a complete overhaul should be treated in the usual three-stage manner.

Can be used with all types of motor oils, from full synthetic to mineral oils

It is recommended that the treatment is repeated after 62,000 miles.

The treatment of LPG engines is similar to the application for gasoline and petrol engines

The protective metal-ceramic coating will form on any operative mechanical parts; however, if an engine part being treated is in critical condition (100% wear), the worn part should be replaced.

Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show this container or label. Avoid release to the environment; refer to special instructions/Material safety data sheet.

Material Safety Data Sheet is available for professional user on request.

The typical car with an oil capacity of up to 10 quarts requires 3 syringes for a complete treatment.


Tube 9 ml, art ХА 10335_3

Technology and certificates

  • 2G generation

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  • Product review «EX120 Revitalizant for Gasoline Petrol & LPG engines»:
  • J Chubb 5 stars

    Have waited to leave feedback pending running engine with additive in. Done approx 50 miles in a 1953 Austin Somerset and oil pressure already raised and less smoke from exhaust. Needs more miles to fully assess but all good so far thank you.

  • I Thomas 5 stars

    Excellent as always can feel it working already been using these products for over 15 years now.

  • Dr Griffin 5 stars

    Good stuff. This stuff works like magic. In literally just a few minutes the engine is quieter and smoother. Over a few hundred miles petrol consumption goes down by 10-15%, especially long trips. I use it in all 4 of my cars

  • Slavishow 5 stars

    This is a must after Stage one or even for the first time straight away. Just careful ,don’t drop inside the engine!!

  • Christopher2911 5 stars

    I love this additive I have put it in my last 4 cars and all my frends and family's cars it just nice to have peace of mind that it's protecting my engine and gearbox and the extra performance and better miles per gallon.

  • Godfrey Tafa 5 stars

    xado this stuff does work my car is now quite no tapping at all great stuff

  • William Thomas 5 stars

    In my opinion and after trying various other products this product Xado is one of the very few that really does work! I used Xado EX120 Petrol Engine Treatment in both of my cars and with great results. The engines runs much smoother and also found a noticeable reduction in fuel consumption. One vehilce is now 187,000 miles and still going strong. Very pleased and definatley worth it..

  • William James 5 stars

    I have used Xado Petrol Engine Treatment blister packs on 2 of my vehicles. The first was a 2007 Volvo Estate (120,000), the second was a 2001 Honda Civic (184,000). It made a difference for both cars and I will use it again in the future. Well done Xado a product that works.

  • TheCustomer 5 stars

    Added Xado Petrol Engine Treatment to my Saab 9000 2.3t when it had 150,000 miles and the engine was still sweet & using negligible oil at 286,000 miles when the time came to retire the car. Fuel consumption dropped by 5% or more after Xado was added. Amazing stuff! Added diesel engine treatment to a 100k Land Rover Discovery tdi & saved investigative work.

  • PDA 5 stars

    Vehicle is a 1985 Toyota 4x4 with 22r-e engine (EFI-EIectronic fuel injection) Vehicle has 472,800 miles on it. 4 days ago added first tube did a compression check yesterday before 3rd tube. Compared is compression reading taken 2 years ago. Origin/new engine spec. is 171 psi. 1% is equal to 1.71 psi thus dividing that in any reading I get to derive the state and increase of improvement. #1 cylinder - was 72% - Now is 92% of original compression (20% increase) #2 cylinder - was 64% - Now is 95% of original compression (31% increase #3 cylinder - was 61% - Now is 82% of original compression (21% increase #4 cylinder - was 70% - Now is 88% of original compression (18% increase The stuff is still working and will continue to improve because I’ve still got to put 700 more miles on the vehicle to complete the 1000 miles suggested. No question this works and saved me 2K for a new engine. It has more power than it ever has since I've owned it.

  • Geoffs 5 stars

    The affect on my engine ('71 VW Beetle) after using Xado oil treatment was immediate and almost unbelievable- the performance was increased the engine ran quieter and the smell from the exhaust improved.

  • Kieran D 5 stars

    xado saved me from a £1500+ rebuild! have an mr2 roadster, and the izzfe engine is known to have premature bore and ring failure some engines). at one point my engine was consuming 1 litre every 100 miies. I ordered three packs added two at once let the car idle for 30 mins and took it for drive. Engine had already seemed better but oil consumption was the same slowly oil consumption got better. Added the third pack after 200miles and now, 700miIes on the car is excellent no longer smokes at high revs and oil consumption is improving all the time, as well as fuel economy. This stuff is excellent and will recommend to everyone.

  • Dan 5 stars

    I found this product, XADO Gel- Revitalizant for gasoline engines and Revitalizer Automatic Transmission Fluid through a search. The shipping was quick and the material has worked as described. About 700 miles ago my compression was 115/115/115/1 10, in my 1990 VW Vanagon. Now it is up to 130/130/145/140 and have not completed the recommended amount of mileage for maximum improvement. Can't wait to get their revitalizer transmission fluid installed. Thanks XADO!

  • Peter 5 stars

    I'm using Xado gels on my two cars (diesel and petrol) and all I can say is: they are brilliant. I will definitely use this product again and I would recommend for everybody. This technology IS working. Just buy and try.

  • Peter 5 stars

    I'm using Xado gels on my two cars (diesel and petrol) and all I can say is: they are brilliant. I will definitely use this product again and I would recommend for everybody. This technology IS working. Just buy and try.

  • Mark 5 stars

    The product i bought i was very pleased with as it did what it said it would do on product which was gel revitalizant for petrol engines.

  • Dougie 5 stars

    I bought the Xado treatment for engines for my daughters ageing VW Polo, there was an immediate improvement on the noise level from the engine, she also noticed a fuel improvement as well so the xado actually paid for itself through the saving.