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1 Stage Revitalizants

1 Stage Engine Revitalizant  for gasoline and diesel engine

1 Stage Engine Revitalizant for gasoline and diesel engine

5-stars (5/5)
Reviews: 11
XADO 1 Stage Engine Revitalizant is a 1-step engine treatment that rebuilds metal and protects worn metal from future wear. One 27ml tube contains enough active ingredient for a complete 100% (RF100) cycle of revitalization for an automobile engine. The difference between this product and 1 Stage...
27 ml
£34 .99 GBP
1 Stage Magnum Revitalizant for diesel engine

1 Stage Magnum Revitalizant for diesel engine

Gel-revitalizant for heavy-loaded diesel engines of trucks. It is designed for restoring repair of an engine and active protection directly during its operation. Innovative next-generation product which combines advantages of the 3rd generation Revitalizant: one-step application, high treatme...
90 ml
£89 .45 GBP
1 Stage Transmission Revitalizant  for manual transmission

1 Stage Transmission Revitalizant for manual transmission

5-stars (5/5)
Reviews: 2
XADO 1 Stage transmissiongel-revitalizant is an innovative product of XADO third generation revitalizants designed for restoring repair, antiwear protection and lifetime increase of mechanical transmission units and assemblies of a car: mechanical and robotized gear boxes, transfer cases and diff...
27 ml
£24 .99 GBP



XADO 1 Stage Revitalizant is an advanced third generation engine treatment product designed to protect and restore mechanical engine parts. Years of science and tribological research along with the XADO Revitalization application method has enabled the design of an advanced product that contains the optimum concentration of active nanoparticles. This new advanced 1 Stage technology is a fast acting catalyst that creates a self-regulating ceramic-metal coating on any worn metallic surfaces. This patented product extends the life span of all Petrol, Diesel and LPG engines in a universal, easy to use, single application.

The product is designed to restore, protect all mechanical moving parts from wear and tear as well as increase the power efficiency of the of the engine, manual and automatic gearboxes as well as differentials. Once the revitalization process is complete the vehicle component’s life span with have increased 2-4 fold.

The main characteristic of the metal-ceramic coating is its self regulating properties. Once applied the vehicle’s mechanical moving parts therefore always will be maintained in perfect condition.

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