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Vibrations during the engine operation

There are several reasons for vibration occurring while engine operation. These include blocked injector nozzles, absence of spark in the cylinder, various types of compression in cylinders, stuck piston rings, worn engine supports or clutch discs.

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  1. The first reason of this problem is the improper functioning of the feed system due to blocked injector nozzles.
  2. The second reason is improper operation of one of the engine’s cylinders due to absence of spark in it which caused by electric circuit failure. In this case it is advised to provide proper operation of the spark plug.
  3. Another possible reason is malfunction in engine operation caused by various types of compression in the cylinders or stuck piston rings. To fix the problem you should decarbonize the piston rings.

    To solve all the above problems you can use the following products:

  4. In case of worn engine supports it is advised to replace them
  5. Worn out clutch discs. There may be vibrations and acceleration by the engine start. In this case it is advised to repair the clutch and to replace the worn parts.

MaxiFlush is a gasoline fuel system cleaner containing Revitalizant compound. The product is specially designed to clean the fuel system injectors and is compatible with all types of injector systems. It can be used for complex cleaning of fuel system without using any additional equipment. In order to prevent any future problems, it is recommended to use the product every 6, 200 – 7, 500 miles.

MaxiFlush properties

  1. Eliminates all types of sediments in the fuel system
  2. Cleans inlet valves, injectors and combustion chambers
  3. Helps to introduce the exact amount of fuel injection, renovates ‘spray’, ensures an adequate combustion process and reduces fuel consumption
  4. Prevents the needle valve of the injector from wear and sticking due to Revitalizant compound
  5. Renovates, reduces fuel consumption and prolongs life span of the injectors
  6. Safe for lambda sensors and catalytic converters of exhaust gases


  1. In order to clean the fuel system equipment mix the product with high-octane fuel (one package of concentrated product (300ml) for 700ml of fuel)
  2. In order to clean the fuel system without equipment you should add 300 ml of the product for 40-80 L of fuel into the fuel tank before fueling.