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Unstable revolutions (smooth changes of rpm)

The problem of unstable revolutions is usually appears in the engines with electronic fuel injection. Here are several possible reasons why smooth changes of the engine rpm may be observed.

Изображение проблематики

Possible reasons \ Suggestions

  1. Poor functioning of the idle air control valve, mass airflow sensor, throttle valve position sensor. It is recommended to replace or clean the above mentioned machinery with the Verylube Cleaner product.
  2. Air ingress in system.
  3. Poor functioning of the fuel feed system as a result of clogging of the injection nozzles. It is recommended to use XADO AtomEx Petrol (Gasoline) Multi Cleaner injector flush product in this case.
  4. Poor functioning of the ignition system. It is recommended to conduct diagnostics and testing of glow plugs, spark plug wires and ignition coil.
  5. Failure of the electronic engine control unit (EECU). In such case the control unit cannot produce the proper signal for correct functioning of the engine injection nozzles. At this point the professional diagnostics at the service station is needed.

XADO MaxiFlush product is a gasoline engine fuel system cleaner specially designed to flush the fuel system injectors in stationery plants. It is effective for all types of fuel injection systems and can be used for complex flushing of fuel system without any supplementary equipment.

XADO MaxiFlush properties:

  1. Quickly removes all types of contamination and sediments from the fuel system
  2. Cleans inlet valves, injectors and combustion chambers
  3. Ensures the exact dosage of fuel injection, restores ‘spray’, optimizes the combustion process and contributes to fuel saving
  4. Due to revitalizant, efficiently protects the needle valve of the injector from wear and sticking
  5. Increases the reliability and economy of fuel system operation and prolongs the service life of injectors by 2-4 times
  6. Safe for lambda sensors (oxygen sensors) and catalytic converters of exhaust gases.


  1. For fuel system cleaning equipment. Mix the cleaner with high-octane fuel at ratio of one package of concentrated product (300 ml) for 700 ml of fuel.
  2. To clean the fuel system without equipment. Before fueling, add 300 ml of concentrated cleaner for 40-80 L of fuel into the fuel tank. Fill the tank to capacity.