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Transmission Oil Leakage

Appearance of oil in the transmission parts can often be observed in old vehicles which operate intensively at high temperatures. In some cases the oil can also be present on the confluence of a mechanical transmission with an engine. Improper functioning of the transmission ventilation system may also cause oil leakage. This is the reason why you should check and clean an air breather first.

The most common reason of oil leakage is low elasticity by the oil seals or the liners due to wear or functioning under high temperatures. Worn oil sealers became loose due to withering thus function improperly.

By introducing additives into oil, tightness of the assembly can be brought back to the initial condition. A special component of the recommended product is a plasticizer due to which the oil seals restore and connect to surfaces more tightly.


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Atomic Metal Conditioner Maximum Transmission with 1 Stage Revitalizant is a second generation 2-component product designed for restoring manual transmission system. It contains Revitalizant compound that helps to reduce friction, restore worn metal in gear boxes, transfer cases and differentials and prevent future wear of the machinery due to formation of new protective coating. The product may be introduced into mechanical, robotized, sequential gearboxes including the Direct Shift. By using Atomic Metal Conditioner Maximum Transmission with 1 Stage Revitalizant you to increase the life span of the whole transmission system and prevent expensive repairs. It is worth to be noted that one treatment lasts for 60, 000 miles.


Add the content into the oil filler neck of the transmission system, transfer case or axle gearboxes warmed up to the working temperature. Drive about 5 minutes to dissolve the compound in the oil. Then drive as usually.


It is not advised to conduct treatment of completely worn assemblies and parts of the manual transmission. The product may be introduced into any types of oils for mechanic transmissions. Revitalization process is considered complete after 600 miles of run, so it is not advised to change oil during this period.