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Noise in Manual Transmission

There are several possible reasons for noises in manual transmission. These include:

  1. The sounds appearing in used car. If strange sounds in manual transmission are still present when depressing clutch with operating engine at neutral gear, it means that you need to replace the clutch release bearing. In case if the strange sounds became less evident, it may indicate the wear of the operating surfaces of gears and bearings. If you experience such problems, then it is advised to apply our Revitalizant which will help you to restore worn surfaces and reduce noises in gearbox.
  2. The sounds appearing in a new car. It is worth to be noted that some gearboxes make noise from the very beginning of their operation. Sometimes this noise disappear with time when the transmission parts wear in. If the noise doesn’t go away it may indicate the gears’ tooth changeover due to improper manufacturing of tooth gears or valves. If the tooth is engaged too tightly, it deforms and makes noise. It is advised to use our Revitalizant in order to eliminate noise in gearbox, in case if the tooth changeover rate is not too high.


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There are XADO products that will help you dealing with all the above problems.

Atomic Metal Conditioner Maximum Transmission with 1 Stage Revitalizant is a second generation 2-component product designed for restoring manual transmission system. It contains Revitalizant compound that helps to reduce friction, restore worn metal in gear boxes, transfer cases and differentials and prevent future wear of the machinery due to formation of new protective coating. The product may be introduced into mechanical, robotized, sequential gearboxes including the Direct Shift. By using Atomic Metal Conditioner Maximum Transmission with 1 Stage Revitalizant you to increase the life span of the whole transmission system and prevent expensive repairs. It is worth to be noted that one treatment lasts for 60, 000 miles.


Add the content into the oil filler neck of the transmission system, transfer case or axle gearboxes warmed up to the working temperature. Drive about 5 minutes to dissolve the compound in the oil. Then drive as usually.


It is not advised to conduct treatment of completely worn assemblies and parts of the manual transmission. The product may be introduced into any types of oils for mechanic transmissions. Revitalization process is considered complete after 600 miles of run, so it is not advised to change oil during this period.