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Malfunction in engine operation after fueling with low-quality fuel

As it turns out, it is possible to cause damage to your engine with just a few liters of low-quality fuel. Along with ignition failures and stuck piston rings, bent valves, motor oil sediments and severe wear of compression rings may occur.

Fuel which contains tars, unsaturated hydrocarbons, benzene, xylene and toluene is especially dangerous. Such gasoline does not completely combust in the engine thus forming various pollutions, which get into the crankcase and destroy all additives present in motor oil. Pollutions present in low-quality fuel start to build the consistence of motor oil unsuitable for engine operation. As a result motor oil does not lubricate the engine at high temperatures and destroys it at low temperatures.

It is important to remember that just one fueling with low-quality fuel ruins your engine. However, there is a possibility to reduce negative consequences by introducing special additives before fueling. The products provide complete combustion with smaller amount of tar contaminations and prevent coagulation. If low-quality fuel got into the engine, it is necessary to clean the fuel and oil systems of the engine and change the oil.

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  • In order to eliminate consequences of fuelling with low-quality fuel, it is recommended to use MultiCleaner (Gasoline) fuel system cleaner for gasoline engine.
  • In order to clean the oil system use one of the following products: XADO VitaFlush, Atomex TotalFlush.
  • To clean the fuel system it is recommended to use Verylube Fuel system cleaner for gasoline or diesel engines.

AtomEx Petrol Multi Cleaner restores fuel system up to the level of technical purity and reliably protects it. Revitalizant contained in the product forms an antiwear coating on the fuel equipment parts directly during the mechanism operation.


  1. Safely and quickly removes all types of deposits and contaminations
  2. Cleans injectors, inlet valves and combustion chamber to the level of technical purity
  3. Restores engine power and its characteristics to the initial ones
  4. Reduces fuel combustion
  5. Removes moisture from the fuel system
  6. Decreases the level of toxic components in the exhaust gases
  7. Restores pump performance to the nominal level and improves fuel dispersion
  8. Protects injector needle from hanging-up during operation on low-quality fuel
  9. Increases performance reliability and extends service life of fuel system parts


The application process is quite simple. Just pour the product into a fuel tank before fueling. It is recommended to apply the cleaner every 3100 miles of run. AtomEx Petrol Multi-Cleaner is compatible with gasoline of all types and is safe foe catalyst converters, oxygen sensors and valves.