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Increased pressure of crankcase blow-by gases

Due to increased pressure of crankcase gasses the oil is pressured into the ventilation system and the smoke leaks through the oil level gauge. These gases literally blow-by the piston rings. It can be explained by pollution of the crankcase ventilation system, wear of the cylinder-piston group as well as by stuck piston rings and unpressurized valves.

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The valves need to be replaced if they are not pressurized. If this is not the case you can apply certain car care products in order to prevent accumulation of exhaust gasses over the crankcase and increased pressure.

It is highly recommended to add VitaFlush or Atomex TotalFlush oil system cleaners into the motor oil (120 – 620 miles of run) in order to clean the ventilation system.

In order to decarbonize stuck rings, you can apply Anticarbon engine cleaner or AtomEX Petrol (Gasoline) or AtomEX Diesel fuel system cleaner, which will help to eliminate severe pollution in the engine systems.

Here is a list of products which will help to eliminate the wear of the cylinder-piston group. The following products should be added into the motor oil:

Here are some of the properties of Atomex TotalFlush product:

  1. Cleans engine oil system to the level of technical purity
  2. Removes carbon and restores mobility of stuck piston rings
  3. Universal for all engine types including turbo-supercharged ones
  4. Due to Revitalizant provides creation of engine protection reserve
  5. Forms an anti-wear coating on friction parts immediately during oil system flushing
  6. Creates reserve of anti-wear protection properties, prevents possible defects on friction surfaces during further engine operation.


The application process is quite simple; just pour the product into the oil filler neck of a non-working engine, warmed up to the operating temperature. In case of severe engine contamination, for deep cleaning of oil system to the level of technical purity and for anticarbon treatment of rings: drive 90 – 120 miles in the normal mode. For regular application: provide idle engine operation within 10 – 15 minutesor drive 12.5 miles.