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Heater does not heat

Possible reasons / Suggestions

  1. Malfunction of the heater may be caused by dirt in the heater exchanger. In case of severe contamination it is advised to conduct the mechanical cleaning manually by disassembling the heater.
  2. Outer heater contaminations may also lead to improper functioning of the heater. It is recommended to conduct outer mechanical cleaning whether mechanically or with a help of special products such as Verylube Engine surface cleaner
  3. In case of blocked air in the cooling system it is advised to clean the system.
  4. If there is improper functioning of the thermostatic element, you should replace it.

VERYLUBE Engine compartment cleaner is a product created for cleaning outer surface of the engine and other assemblies in the car. It efficiently removes oil spots and dirt of the surfaces. The product restores the surfaces to a perfect condition and can be applied to clean transmission, car suspensions and steering assemblies.


  • Turn the ignition off
  • Shake the can
  • Apply the product onto the surface
  • Let it mix together with dust and wash off using water
  • In case of severe contamination the procedure should be repeated


  • The product is safe foe lacquer coating of all types
  • It does not contain any harmful substances
  • It is recommended to apply the product onto the cold or warm engine otherwise the efficiency of the product is reducing