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Drive axle “howls”, unwanted sounds in the differential

The following reasons may cause unwanted sounds in the drive axle as well as in the differential:

1) Decreased level of oil may

  • Failure of gland seal of the pinion gear
  • Failure of gland seal of the half axles
  • Blocked breather
  • Blocked loose fitting of the filler opening of drain hole
  • Leakage of the differential cover
  • Failure of the sealing gaskets

2) Contamination of the transmission oil may be indicated by moisture and dirt contained in the oil which may cause appearing of unwanted sounds.

3) Failure of transfer gear box or differential

  • Considerable gap between bearings of the pinion gear
  • Improper regulated or worn gears
  • Tough rotation of spider pinion on the axle
  • Defects on the operating surface of the spider pin
  • Stuck gears or half axes
  • Considerable gap between gear teeth of the differential

4) Worn half axle bearings

5) Worn spline joint with side gears

6) Improper shape of jumping of half axes

7) Loosening of crankcase hold-down bolts of axle gearbox

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1) Functioning of the car with a low level of transmission oil cause overheating and wear of bearings and toothed gear of the transfer gear box and differential. Strange sounds may occur due to worn drive axle in different operational modes. It is advised to find the source of leakage in order to restore the wear. If the reason of the leakage is low flexibility and light wear of pinion gear glands or half axle glands it is recommended to introduce JET 100 SEALER product which will eliminate the leakage and restore glands elasticity. I the reason is in the complete failure of the assemblies, they should be replaced. After the reason is eliminated and the oil is added to the normal level you should add XADO Revitalizant in order to restore the worn bearings and toothed gears.

2) The wear of bearings and toothed gears is also caused by huge amount of dirt and moisture into the transmission oil. To resolve the problem you should change and flush transmission oil with the following treatment with a help of XADO Revitalizant for mechanical gear boxes.

3) If transfer gear box does not function properly it should be replaced. After changing of the gear system and short run-in period of 60-190 miles it is advised to conduct treatment with one of the following XADO products to protect the mechanisms form future wear:

4) If the half axle bearings are severely worn, they should be changed

5) Worn spline joint with side gears should be changed

6) Loosening of crankcase hold-down bolts of axle gearbox or unfastening of the assemblies should be regulated properly.