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Dirt and deposits under the oil filler cap

If there is a little sediment under the oil filler cap, it may mean that there is moisture present in your motor oil. Usually it may occur in the winter, as a result of continuous driving with the cold engine. Ultimately, condensed water concentrates in the engine which makes oil appear as a light-beige emulsion. Cooling fluid may also get in the motor oil in case of wearing down of the block gasket, which can cause formation of the emulsion.

If dark-brown sediments appear, it implies serious pollution of the engine oil system.



In this situation it’s recommended to change the oil and clean the oil system by adding AtomEX Total Flush or our XADO Vita Flush oil system cleaner into the motor oil before change (245 – 620 miles of run). It’s important to know that oil change without preliminary oil system flushing leads to worsening of detergent and protective properties of new motor oil and decrease of its service life.

Here are some of the product’s properties:

  1. Cleans engine oil system to the level of technical purity
  2. Removes carbon and restores mobility of stuck piston rings
  3. Universal for all engine types including turbo-supercharged ones
  4. Due to Revitalizant provides creation of engine protection reserve
  5. Forms an anti-wear coating on friction parts immediately during oil system flushing
  6. Creates reserve of anti-wear protection properties, prevents possible defects on friction surfaces during further engine operation.


It is worth to be noted that in case if such incident happened in winter and the problem goes away after the engine is warmed up, you shouldn’t worry as it is absolutely normal.


The application process is quite simple; just pour the product into the oil filler neck of a non-working engine, warmed up to the operating temperature. In case of severe engine contamination, for deep cleaning of oil system to the level of technical purity and for anticarbon treatment of rings: drive 90 – 120 miles in the normal mode. For regular application: provide idle engine operation within 10 – 15 minutes or drive 12.5 miles.