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The detonation is indicated by knocks in the engine due to increased revolutions during car acceleration. Premature ignition is one of the sources of denotation. It appears when the fuel mixture ignites too early and the released energy is spent on increased friction in the connecting rod mechanism. Increased friction may be caused due to damage of friction pairs, formation of tears on the crankshaft and bushings. This problem needs to be fixed at a service station.

Detonation may also appear due to usage of low-quality fuel which contains lower octane/cetane level than provided by technical requirements of the engine manufacturer.

Other symptoms of detonation may include difficult start of the engine, black smoke appearing from the exhaust pipe and decrease of engine power. If such problems appear, it is recommended to use additives that increase the octane/cetane rating.

XADO Anticarbon engine cleaner is a fast-acting product designed to remove carbon pollutions and restore stuck piston rings of gasoline and diesel engines. The product removes all scale and tar pollutions from parts and surfaces of cylinder-piston group. It does not require oil change after application.

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AtomEX Diesel Energy Drive – increase of cetane rating of diesel fuel
VERYLUBE Cetane+ (Diesel) – increase of cetane rating of diesel fuel.


  1. Reduces exhaust level into the atmosphere
  2. Removes sediments from spark-plugs
  3. Decreases noise while engine operating
  4. Equalizers compression in cylinders
  5. Cleans cylinders and pistons, combustion chambers and valves from any kind of pollution
  6. Reduced oil consumption
  7. Restores mobility of stuck piston rings


  1. Warm up the engine. It should be warmed but not hot
  2. Unscrew the spark plugs. Disconnect ignition timing sensor, Hall device and commutator
  3. Spray the content (for 5 sec) into each cylinder alternately through a nozzle hose. Screw the plugs back in. Wait for 10-20 minutes. Unscrew the plugs. Cover the plug holes with absorbing fabric to avoid dirt flying-out and getting onto the paint. Rotate the engine with the starter for several seconds
  4. Place the spark plugs into their position
  5. Start the engine and run it at moderate rpm for up to 15 minutes. During this period softened remains of carbon will be removed through the exhaust system.


It is important to know that you should avoid getting the substance onto lacquer coatings. The product is safe for catalyst converters, oxygen sensors, mechanical rubber parts and sealings.