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Crackling of CV joint

Such sound may appear by quick start with the turned driving wheel. It indicates wear of the CV joint caused by:

  • Natural wear
  • Wreckage of the CV joint dust cap
  • Active driving style with quick start and extreme turning of the wheel
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If this problem appeared not long ago and occurs only by turning of the driving wheel to the extreme edge position, there is no need to replace the CV joint. Uncritical wear of the mechanism may be restored with a help of XADO Repairing grease containing Revitalizant. Using this product will help you to restore the CV joint and prolong its life span.

In order to apply the product you should disassemble the mechanism. The parts should be cleaned and flushed by using XADO Universal industrial flush. Before assembling the parts you should check for the defects like scratches or cracks.

Apply the product by filling the inner space of the CV joint. The noise will disappear after 1,500 – 1,850 miles of run.

After conducting a treatment with the above product and driving for 11,000 – 12,500 miles, you should remove the old grease and introduce XADO Grease for constant velocity joints for the whole life span of the vehicle.


Follow these rules to prolong the life span of the CV joint:

  • Start slowly as by high loads the CV joints break much faster
  • It is not advised to turn the driving wheel to the extreme edge position as it lead to the fast wear of the mechanism
  • You should check the condition of CV joint dust caps from time to time. Remember that parts of the mechanism get worn very fast due to dirt and different contaminations.

XADO Repairing grease is created to prevent the mechanisms from wear and restore them. Due to Revitalizant contained in the product a new protective layer is created on friction surfaces which helps to restore the defects to the level of technical purity.


  • Eliminates heat from friction areas
  • Restores and removes completely scratches and micro cracks
  • Designed to work under high loads
  • Decreases noise and vibration
  • Restores 80% of wear
  • Removes corrosion