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Contamination (fouling) of the engine

A vehicle operating for a long time and in difficult conditions, engine overheating, increased pressure in the lubrication system, application of low-quality motor oils leads to wear and loss of elasticity of rubber seals. As a result, oil stains may appear on the engine. Polluted oil runs contaminate the outer surface of the engine as well as cause penetration of abrasive substances such as dust or sand into the engine. This accelerates the engine wear in general.

Also decrease of the cross-section of channel passages and regulating valves (tar deposits, slagging) of the crankcase ventilation system leads to the increase of crankcase blow-by gas pressure as well as to oil throwing through the orifice of the oil level gauge, valve cover gasket, petrol pump, trembler etc. Accumulation of blow-by gas in the crankcase decrease properties and composition of the motor oil. Malfunctions of the crankcase ventilation system do not impact significantly on the operation of fuel and ignition systems in case if the engine uses a fuel carburetor system. If it is a modern engine with fuel injection system, malfunction of the crankcase ventilation system can cause a complete failure of the engine control system.

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It is recommended to use Atomex Stop leak engine product to restore the elasticity of operating surfaces of rubber seals and eliminate oil leakages.

Use Vita Flush - oil system cleaner in order to maintain normal operation of the crankcase ventilation system and clean the engine oil system. It is also recommended to use TotalFlush oil additive for cleaning of engine oil system with piston ring anticarbon effect or Verylube oil system cleaner before the oil change.

To remove oil stains from the outer surface of the engine, it is recommended to use VERYLUBE Engine compartment cleaner before cleaning.

Atomex Stop leak engine is a product containing special components that restore the elasticity of sealing materials resulting in oil leakage elimination.


  1. Restores elasticity and stretch ability of rubber gaskets and seals
  2. Stops oil leakages from the engine and prevents their emerging in the future
  3. Improves "seal-metal" contact
  4. Eliminates the need for expensive repair
  5. Compatible with motor oils of all types


Introduce the product into warm motor oil. The sealing effect occurs in 190-300 miles of run. Universal application for all engine types (automobiles and stationary installations, motor boats, motorcycles etc.). It is safe for turbocharged engines.