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Military Rifle Barrel Restore Revitalizant

Xado for Military Artillery

Xado Rifle Barrel Revitalizant can be used to improve the accuracy of military artillery barrels.  Xado Rifle Barrel Revitalizant restores the geometry of the barrel which improved the accuracy of the projectile.  Xado also creates a protective layer on the barrel surface which prevents corrosion in harsh environments.  Xado Greases are also extremely effective in protecting other moving parts of artillery equipment.

Benefits:artillery barrel

  •     projectile hit accuracy increases by up to 80%;

  •     improves shot flatness;

  •     10 time improvement in barrels resistance to wear;

  •     maximum killing power;

  •     reconditions and protects the barrel bore;

  •     restores geometry of the barrel bore (complete obturation).


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Click here for further detailed information on the CERMET layer and How Xado Works?

This CERMET surface produces far less heat and friction and allows a greater accuracy of shot.  The surface will also reduce noise and vibration and increases the durability and life of the rifle bore.

For further information on all of the above please visit our FAQ's page.