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Garden Machinery Tractor

Xado for Garden Equipment, Agricultural Tractors and Machinery

XADO Revitalizants and Greases can be used with a wide range of Garden Equipment, Agricultural Tractors and Machinery, particularly Petrol and Diesel Engines, Gearboxes and Hydraulic pumps.  XADO Revitalizants and Greases are particularly beneficial for high usage machinery, not only in saving fuel and energy but extending the life of the diesel or petrol engine, gearbox and ancillary equipment.

When used with Petrol and Diesel Engines XADO will increase compression, improve performance and reduce fuel and energy consumption (providing a fuel saving of at least 5-7% and up to 30% when idling) of the diesel engine which will also helps to reduce exhaust emissions.

Benefits:garden machinery

  •     restores cylinders, eliminates scratches and micro cracks;

  •     increases compression in cylinders;

  •     protects friction parts from wear;

  •     reduces fuel consumption;

  •     increases engine power by up to 100

  •     extends engine life span by 3 times;

  •     reduces harmful emissions;

  •     decreases noise and vibration.

Xado Greases are also very effective in reducing friction, but above all Xado protects, repairs and restores all machinery and equipment from wear and tear by creating a protective layer on all metallic surfaces.

Treatment results:

  • compensation of wear and restoration of worn-out friction surfaces up to 0,02 mm;

  • increase of surface hardness of friction pairs' working surfaces (up to 750 kg/mm2);garden machinery shop

  • significant (3-10 times) increase of service life under conditions of high temperatures (up to 300°C).

Examples of Equipment that can be treated:

  • petrol chain saws

  • strimmers;

  • lawn mowers

  • agricultural tractors;

  • all agricultural machinery where metallic parts encounter friction.

Suggested Products:

The most widely used product for garden equipment, agricultural tractors and machinery are:-


1 Stage Engine Treatment


1 Stage Metal Conditioners


Xado for Petrol Engines


Xado for Diesel Engines


Xado for Manual Gearboxes


Xado for Automatic Gearboxes


Xado Protecting Grease


Xado Restoring Grease


Xado Repairing Grease

There are many more products ranging from engine treatments, fuel treatments and metal conditioners.

Click here for further detailed information on the CERMET layer and How Xado Works?

This CERMET surface produces far less heat and friction and allows machinery and engines to run more efficiently. So, using Xado will increase compression, improve performance and reduce fuel consumption, reduce noise and vibration, reduce exhaust emissions of all engines and Xado Greases will protect, repair and restore all metallic surfaces thereby increases the durability and life of the machinery and engines.

For further information on all of the above please visit our FAQ's page.