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Hydraulic System



Hydraulic oils are the most important part of any hydraulic system which transfers mechanical energy from its source to the point of use. There are numerous brands of hydraulic oils but XADO oils are genuinely considered the best, displaying high quality and superior viscosity rate. These are the following properties of XADO hydraulic oils:

  1. Anti-wear protection.
  2. Anti-corrosion effect.
  3. High oxidization protection.
  4. Prolonged oil operational life.
Changing your power steering oil

There are several types of XADO hydraulic oils that will deliver top quality power steering protection and maintenance, but there are some critical differences between them.

The best hydraulic fluid for the power steering and central vehicle hydraulic system is a synthetic oil. It is filled once for the whole operational life of the vehicle. The oil has anti-corrosion properties which protects the pumps and drive connections, line tubes and switchgear joints. Using XADO synthetic hydraulic oils ensures the vehicles hydraulic system will operate reliably.

XADO mineral hydraulic oil also ensures the Hydraulic system will operate reliably. Using XADO mineral oil will provide enhanced lubricating properties, restore any wear and tear and prevent internal leaks.

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