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XADO Atomic Oil 15W-40 CI-4 Diesel

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XADO Atomic Oil 15W-40 CI-4 Diesel is a special top-quality motor oil for diesel engines. Contains Atomic Revitalizant.

XADO Atomic Oil 15W-40 CI-4 Diesel is a multigrade motor oil of top quality for diesel engines of cars and trucks.
It has excellent performance level due to the complex refined mineral base and special additive package. 

Specifications and technologies

meets the requirements of specifications:
SAE 15W-40 JASO DH-1
ACEA B4/E7 Global DHD-1
API CI-4/CH-4/CG-4/CF-4/CF  
meets the requirements of the OEM:
Caterpillar ECF 1a Mack EO-M Plus
MAN M 3275 MB 228.3
Renault Truck RLD-2 Volvo VDS-2, VDS-3
Allison C4 Level Cummins CES 20076/77/78
Deutz DQC –III MTU Type 2

Technical info

  • Specific Gravity 70 F, kg/l - 0,8832
  • Viscosity at 212 F, mm2/s - 14,2
  • Viscosity at 104 F, mm2/s - 105,5
  • Viscosity at - 4 F, mPa s - <7000
  • Viscosity index - 137
  • Flash point, F - 418
  • Pour point, F - <-22
  • Easy start temperature, F - <-4
  • Sulphated ash, wt.- 1,37
  • Base number, mgKOH/g - 10,3


Its characteristics exceed the requirements of high American (API CI-4), European (ACEA B3/B4/E3/E5) and international (Global DHD-1) standards and also specifications of the leading auto manufacturers (Volvo, MB, MAN, Renault).

Reliability, power, economy of the engine will be always kept on a top level due to the patented formula of atomic revitalizant, included into XADO Atomic Oil. Application of revitalizants is considered as a prospective direction in the area of energy and resource-savings and is confirmed by certification tests in 35 countries of the world.


  • Applicable for all the types of diesel engines of passenger cars and trucks and special land equipment, ensures their top reliability
  • Suits perfectly the engines with exhaust gas recirculation (ERG) and especially recommended for engines Euro-3 (Euro-2)
  • Protects perfectly turbocharger
  • Has a unique performance reserve and ensures oil change intervals up to 62.137 miles for engines Euro-3
  • High protection of the engine working on high-sulfur fuel (content of sulfur <0, 5)
  • Keeps the engine clean, neutralizes carbon pollution of the motor oil
  • Reduces gas emissions in the air

XADO Atomic Oil 15W-40 CI-4 Diesel is formulated on the base of complex refined mineral base oils from the oil from the shelf oilfield of the North Sea.

Viscosity of oil XADO Atomic Oil 15W-40 CI-4 Diesel ensures easy engine start at low temperatures and stable lubrication of the engine under intensive operating conditions and high temperatures.

XADO Atomic Oil 15W-40 CI-4 Diesel exceeds the requirements of the highest American and European specifications for motor oils for diesel engines of passenger cars and trucks.

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