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Oil Gas Drilling Equipment

Xado for Oil & Gas Drilling Equipment

XADO can be used with a wide range of onshore and offshore drilling equipment.  In fact the discovery of revitalization owes its origins to the oil and gas industry, whilst drilling in Siberia.  Not only are Xado revitalizants effective in reducing friction, but they are particularly effective in protecting equipment from wear in sometimes harsh and corrosive environments as Xado creates a protective layer on all metallic surfaces.

It is particularly beneficial for high usage machinery, not only in saving fuel and energy but extending the life of the motor or engine, gearbox and ancillary equipment. Xado will increase compression, improve performance and reduce fuel and energy consumption (providing a fuel saving of at least 5-7% and up to 30% when idling) and in an era of global warming, such fuel saving helps to reduce exhaust emissions.

Examples:oil gas drilling equipment

XADO can be used to lubricate bearings and to reduce friction. Bearings experience multiply stresses from external loads and are usually damaged due to fatigue failure of the bearing surfaces due to the high level of friction encountered.

By using Xado greases it is not only possible to restore, repair and protect the bearing surface and prolong their life, but also save on machinery down time and repair costs.

Treatment results:

  • compensation of wear and restoration of worn-out rubbing surfaces up to 0,02 mm;

  • increase of surface hardness of rubbing pairs' working surfaces (up to 750 kg/mm2);

  • significant (3-10 times) increase of service life under conditions of high temperatures (up to 300°C).

Other Drilling Machinery that can be treated:

  • industrial diesel engines;

  • oil pumps and hydraulic motors;

  • machinery bearing and open gear drives;

  • reducers and transmissions;

  • Cutters

  • All machine tools


  • compensates for mechanical wear;

  • restores scratches and micro cracks;

  • repels heat from friction area;

  • protects machinery parts from hostile environments and temperatures

  • restores and protects friction parts of the cylinder-piston group, crank and gas distributing mechanisms against wear

  • increases engine power, improves acceleration capability;

  • reduces noise and vibration level by 10 times;

  • extends service life of protected parts by 2-3 times;

  • Protects machinery in case of a oil leakage.

Suggested Products:

The most widely used product for Oil and Gas Drilling Equipment are:-


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There are many more products ranging from engine treatments, fuel treatments and metal conditioners.



Click here for further detailed information on the CERMET layer and How Xado Works?

This CERMET surface produces far less heat and friction and allows the equipment and engines to run more efficiently. So, using Xado will increase compression, improve performance and reduce fuel consumption, reduce noise and vibration, reduce exhaust emissions and increases the durability and life of any mechanism and engine.

For further information on all of the above please visit our FAQ's page.