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XADO Technology. Extends the life of machinery. Reduces the release of CO, CO2 and NOx

XADO Technology. Extends the life of machinery. Reduces the release of CO, CO2 and NOx

XADO Chemical Group is an International Group of Companies, with our own scientific research and development laboratories backed by our own high-tech production facilities.

Our products have been developed over years of detailed research and development, as well close collaboration with leading worldwide organizations resulting in our patented revitalizant technology.

The results of this detailed research and development have been presented at prestigious international scientific conferences and published in several leading world scientific magazines and journals.

Our products and production facilities have been awarded the following certificates of approval:

  • ISO 9001 certificate (XADO ISO DSTU 9001)
  • API certificate (API – American Petroleum Institute)
  • TecDoc certificate (TecDoc CERTIFIED DATA SUPPLIER for the TecDoc CATALOG versions 03/2014 until 02/2015)
  • BMW certificate (Approval for Engine Oil “XADO Atomic Oil 5W-40 SM/CF” BMW longlife-04)
  • Cummins certificate (Approval for Engine Oil “XADO Atomic Oil 10W-40 SL CI-4” CES 20078)

XADO is one of the most advanced mechanical treatments on the market today, designed to treat any oil lubricated engine, gearbox, fuel system, hydraulic equipment, bearings, household equipment and even rifle barrels. XADO revitalization is environmentally friendly and beautiful in it’s simplicity. It is a revolution in vehicle and industrial mechanical repair and can be applied to any oil or grease lubricated metallic part.

Here is what our clients say about the product.

I have heard about XADO from a friend of mine who is professional mechanic. I was a bit skeptical but finally tried the engine revitalization gel in my Mazda 323 2.0 and the results were amazing. Fuel mileage got better and engine was much more quiet. I recommended it immediately to my family and friends. - By Arthur.

In my opinion and after trying various other products this product XADO is one of the very few that really does work! I used XADO EX120 Petrol Engine Treatment in both of my cars and with great results. The engines run much smoother and also found a noticeable reduction in fuel consumption. One vehicle is now 187 000 miles and still going strong. Very pleased and definitely worth it. - By William Thomas.

Xado Revitalizant is an Environmentally friendly product that will provide meaningful savings in energy consumption and in engines will significantly reduce air polluting Carbon Monoxide (CO), the greenhouse gas Carbon Dioxide (CO2) & the poisonous Nitrous Oxide (NOX) thereby improving performance.

XADO Revitalizant also provides additional advantages by restoring, repairing and reconditioning any worn mechanical moving part resulting in the creation of an extremely strong and durable CERMET surface structure that significantly reduces friction and heat which allows mechanical machinery, equipment and engines to run more efficiently.

The newly created CERMET coating* (see definition below) has a unique characteristic: Cermet is extremely hard (5-6 times harder than steel), highly resistant to corrosion and is very smooth (the friction coefficient is reduced by between 100-300 times). The reduced friction coefficient increases performance and because of the CERMET layer, the REVITALIZED part or mechanism is superior to the original.

In appearance the CERMET is a smooth glassy surface. In physical structure - a metal strengthened by metal carbides and carbon. The carbon content achieves its maximum on the surface transforming it into a diamond-like film. Thus the result of revitalization is the extra hard surface layer on the relatively soft flexible base - an almost perfect strengthening that guarantees the increased resource life.

All All these properties help to prevent any damage of the mechanism and prolong its life span. The resulting revitalized surface is therefore superior to the original manufacturing process and guaranteed to last up to 2-4 times longer after revitalization.

The process of revitalization can be simply explained. When a mechanism is operating under load, friction creates stress on the surface structure which releases excessive thermal energy which destroys the surface structure and wears parts.

When the Revitalizant is applied, it converts the excessive energy which triggers a process which atomically bond with the microscopic metal particles that are suspended in the lubricant and incorporates these particles back into to the main metallic structure to form a new, a very hard (ceramic / metal) CERMET protective coating, which is extremely smooth and three timers harder and stronger than the original metal structure. The process in essence restores repairs and protects the surface structure extending the working life of each part that has been treated by XADO.

There are a wide variety of different XADO products available, each one designed for a specific need, ranging from the revitalazants, oils, greases to specialist cleaning and restorative chemicals.

*Cermet - (ceramic + metal) derived from "ceramic" and "metal"; a material composed of processed ceramic particles (carbides) bonded with metal.