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XADO Engine Flush Treatment

Every driver knows that oil change without oil system flushing results in worsening of oil detergent and protective properties and quick lifetime reduction. The new product XADO Total Flush is a modern oil system flush which, quite apart from its excellent detergent properties, has piston rings anticarbon effect. During the flushing process revitalizant contained in the product forms on parts a protective layer and restores abraded metal particles which sediment in used oil.

xado atomex total flush

Total Flush is recommended for gasoline, LPG and diesel engines — even for turbo-supercharged ones. You just need to pour the product into the oil filler neck of the engine and let the unit operate idle for 10–15 minutes or drive 20 km. In order to reach the piston rings anticarbon effect you need to drive 150-200 km in normal mode.

250 ml can of the cleaner is sufficient for one flushing treatment of the oil system with capacity of 4-5 L.