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Saves Energy and Resources. Increases Power and Compression. Reduces Noise and Vibration.

XADO Technology. Extends the life of machinery. Reduces the release of CO, CO2 and NOx

XADO treatment is an advanced form of Nano Technology which takes place at the atomic level and is principally based upon our worldwide patented compound which we call our “Revitalizants”. The “Revitalizants” are unique, with no other comparable products on the market today.

XADO uses mechanical friction generated by engines or machinery and the microscopic metal particles present in your lubricant, whether it be oil or greases, and atomically re bonds these particles back into to the main metallic structure.

The friction process causes significant deterioration of the surface structure and generates enormous structural activity. This usually occurs in an area where the atomic metallic bonds have broken and the metallic molecules have broken away from the metallic surface structure and become suspended in the lubricant. In certain circumstances, whole groups of atoms (clusters) could break away under extreme loads. There could be up to 3 grams of metal in the used oil, and the loss of 60 grams is irreplaceable for an engine rendering it unfit for further use. Wear leads to power loss, compression reduction, considerable noises and increased level of CO and CH in exhaust gases.

The process of revitalization is easily explained. When XADO is added to the lubricant, the lubricant acts as a carrier. XADO is NOT an oil additive!! XADO does NOT change the characteristics or viscosity of any mechanical oils, greases or fluids in any way, unlike other additives that do. However, we do use the oil or grease to initially DELIVER XADO to the moving parts of your engine or machinery. Once XADO comes into contact with the area of heat and friction created by the mechanism's moving parts, carbides are formed. In the area where the wear is greatest the revitalizant triggers a process by which it removes and cleanses any non-metallic matter that is present on the friction surfaces; then acts as a catalyst to activate the process of carbon absorption by the surface layer. The microscopic metal particles present in your lubricant, whether it be oil or greases, are then atomically re bonds back into to the main metallic structure creating a new, and very hard (ceramic / metal) CERMET protective coating, which continues to be formed until the level of friction disappears. The surface is extremely smooth and three timers harder and stronger than the original metal structure.

The newly created CERMET coating* (see definition below) has a unique characteristic: Cermet is extremely hard (5-6 times harder than steel), highly resistant to corrosion and is very smooth (the friction coefficient is reduced by between 100-300 times). The reduced friction coefficient increases performance and because of the CERMET layer, the REVITALIZED part or mechanism is superior to the original.

In appearance the CERMET is a smooth glassy surface. In physical structure - a metal strengthened by metal carbides and carbon. The carbon content achieves its maximum on the op layer transforming it into a diamond-like film. The result of revitalization is an extra hard surface layer on a relatively soft flexible base - an almost perfect, strong and durable, structure that increases the life expectancy of the treated surface.

Once the process of revitalization is complete the engine, gearbox or machinery treated will show significant improvement in performance and life expectancy. There is also a significant increase in power and engine cylinder compression. You will also notice a reduction of fuel consumption as well as the toxic exhaust particulates, Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Nitrous Oxide (NOX).

Here is what our clients say about the product.

After treatment NO SMOKE, high power and responsiveness, 12.5 Km/lt under heavy load. To begin to see result I do 1200 Km on my car… Many Thanks XADO. - by Luca.

This product does what it says on the tin, I have used on my car and now I am putting into my motorcycle. Car engine is quitter now and fuel consumption is definitely better. - by Steve.

I wanted to provide feedback as I am very pleased with the results I achieved after adding 3 tubes of XADO Revitalizant. Apart from a smoother ride my fuel consumption has improved by approx. 1.5 mpg. I have already recommended it to my family and friends as I am more than satisfied with my results and will at some time be using their gearbox additive - by Jim Evans.

One of the additional and important benefits of revitatization is that the CERMET layer provides long term protection against further wear and tear thereby extending the operating life of all treated parts and machinery.

15 years of XADO test results show that our revitalizant proves that:

  1. The ceramic-metal coating remains intact in vehicles up to 100,000 km or the equivalent of 100,000 hours in machinery.
  2. The improved performance will continue over this period
  3. The life expectancy of the treated mechanism is extended by 1.5 – 4 times the original rate of wear.

*Cermet - (ceramic + metal) derived from "ceramic" and "metal"; a material composed of processed ceramic particles (carbides) bonded with metal.