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XADO Repairing grease

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XADO Grease Repairing is designed to protect and restore units and mechanisms operating under heavy loads

The grease forms a new cermet layer on friction surfaces: the parts grow in volume, restore their original geometry.

It is also applied for restoring of high-speed and heavy loaded units which cannot be repaired in a regular way.

Technical info

The patented formula of this up-to-date grease is based on a composition of XADO revitalizant and EP complex (Extreme Pressure).

Method of application:

Step 1: Remove the old grease.

Step 2: Fill 1/2 of unit volume with XADO Grease “Repairing”.

Step 3: If assembles require periodical grease changing you should use XADO Grease “Protective” later on.


  • The grease is especially effective for repair of quite worn bearings (up to 10,000 rpm)
  • Do not use for new assemblies and parts!

Recommendations of mechanics:

From the experience of revitalization of water pumps.

As you know, water pumps in foreign cars are not filled with the grease while operating. That is why you should dismantle the pump, drill a hole in its body and remove the old grease with the help of compressed air. Then add a small amount of XADO Grease “Repairing” (1-2 ml) into the cavity of the pump body and fill half of the remaining cavity with XADO Grease “Restoring”. Seal the hole with any heat-resistant sealing material. Lathe the pump for 20 minutes in both sides, then you can install the pump into the car.


  • rejects heat from friction areas;
  • eliminates scratches and microcracks;
  • can stand high rotation speed;
  • reduces noise and vibration;
  • compensates 80% wear;
  • eliminates corrosion and protects units from hostile environment.

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