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Penetrative Greases

XADO Universal Penetrating Lubricant

XADO Universal Penetrating Lubricant

Universal penetrating spray lubricant. Contains revitalizant The product is suitable for all the parts of vehicles, mechanisms, weapon, appliances and other equipment. It is recommended for use at service stations, in garages and in household. The lubricant easily and quickly penetrat...
100 ml
£3 .49 GBP
VERYLUBE Penetrating lubricant ANY WAY

VERYLUBE Penetrating lubricant ANY WAY

Universal penetrating spray lubricant for different mechanisms. Contains revitalizant It is designed for all types of units and mechanisms, weapon, sundry and equipment. It restores the mobility of units and parts; it can penetrate easily and quickly into the rusted or jammed joints, lubricat...
300 ml
£6 .89 GBP



Penetrating greases protect against rust and corrosion, lubricating the friction surfaces: they are indispensable for all garages and service stations. They also help to restore the mobility of mechanical joints, clean any dirt from parts, defrost assembled items and remove moisture. Penetrating greases are recommended to use for, not only automobile parts, but also for other mechanisms or equipment. The product will not affect plastic, wood, rubber or paint and lacquer finishes.

There are several types of penetrating greases for different purposes. The Universal greases are manufactured in both gels and sprays. The product contains Revitalizant which helps to lubricate and restore any mechanism, component, joint, equipment and even sport and military weapons.

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